Student Affairs

Housing Selection Process 2013-2014

The Office of Student Affairs strives to make MVC a welcoming living/learning community. Our residential facilities are an essential part of this effort and are at the core of campus life. Below you will find information on the housing assignments process. Students should complete the following steps, as early as possible. First-year/transfer students will be assigned in the order applications are received. Returning students must complete required steps prior to selection meeting; students that do not fulfill requirements or attend scheduled selection meeting will be assigned a room.

Returning Students

  • 1. Register Fall 2013 Classes (March 18-22, 2013).
  • 2. Submit Housing Contract via the internet.
  • 3. Receive your selection date/time (March 22-25, 2013).

    • Priority is based on academic class standing.
    • Contracts received after the deadline will be assigned the next available selection date/time.
  • 4. Housing pre-selection occurs March 25, 2013, for students residing in Fraternity/Sorority Housing, Porter Brown hall, and Resident Assistant/Hall Director Housing.
  • 5. Select Housing (March 26-28, 2013, at designated time/location).

    • Must bring a copy of your Housing Selection form.
    • Must bring a copy of your Fall 2013 schedule.
  • 6. Pay non-refundable housing deposit or complete Financial Aid waiver by June 15, 2013, to the Business Office. Deposit will be applied to Fall 2013 fee bill.

Things to know...

  • You must arrive to the selection site at your designated time. You may send a proxy to select for you (proxy must have your signed Housing Selection form and a copy of your Fall 2013 schedule).
  • A list of open spaces will be available via the internet and posted at the selection site.
  • You may "pull-in" (select) any other current student as your roommate(s).
  • Roommates must be present OR may send materials with a proxy.
  • You must fill the space that you wish to select according to the designations below. If you do not have the required number of roommates, you will be assigned to a traditional single or double room and randomly assigned a roommate.

    • All beds in the room/suite/apartment/house must be filled/selected:

      • Ashford Hall 1265 S. Olson Street
        George Mack Hall 512 Rea Street
        MacDonald Hall 516 Rea Street
        Men's Honors Hall Roberts Hall
        Moreland Hall Vail Brown Apartments
        1257 S. Olson Street Young Hall
        1263 S. Olson Street  
    • All beds in a room must be selected. Selectors may opt to fill all rooms in the apartment/house:
      • Conway Apartments 1260 S. Olson Street
        Belle/Label Apartments 1271 S. Olson Street
        602/606/610 E. Morrow Street Redman Apartments
    • Viking Village: Those wishing to live in Viking Village must have a 3.5 GPA and be a current senior, rising Senior, or rising Junior with little or no student conduct (disciplinary) history. Only a single room must be selected, however a roommate may be "pulled-in" if they also meet the listed qualifications. Current Seniors, rising Seniors, and rising Juniors who have above a 3.0 GPA may request to be placed on the waiting list for any open rooms. Those on the waiting list will be selected in GPA and draw number order.

New Students

  • 1. Submit Housing Contract/Application via the internet.
  • 2. Pay non-refundable housing deposit or complete Financial Aid waiver. Deposit will be applied to Fall 2013 fee bill.
  • 3. Assigned housing by the Office of Student Affairs/Housing & Residence Life (starting July 8, 2013).

Things to know...

  • Assignments will generally be made in the order Housing Contracts/Applications are received.
  • Students may request a roommate, however not all requests can be honored.