Student Affairs - Tiers for Housing

Missouri Valley College offers several types of on campus housing to full time and graduate students. The college housing consists of traditional residence halls with either suite-style or community bathrooms, apartment housing, and a few three and four bedroom houses. With this wide range of housing there is also a range of cost associated with each type of housing and the amenities offered. The following is a list of all housing and the tier of cost associated with each building.

Tier 1:

Tier 1 consists of all traditional residence halls, houses, and the Conway Street Apartments. Houses range from two to six bedrooms and have occupancies from four to eleven people. Each house is equipped with internet and cable. In most cases occupancy in houses are two to a room. The available houses and their occupancies are: 1166 Brunswick(5), 602 Morrow(11),606 Morrow(11), 610 Morrow(11), 1257 Olson(4), 1260 Olson(9), 1263 Olson(4), 1265 Olson(5), 1271 Olson(7), 512 E. Rea(4) and 516 E Rea(4).

Male residence halls at Missouri Valley College for the most part contain traditional two occupancy rooms with community bathrooms and showers on each level of the building. These residence halls have heat but not air conditioning. Window A/C units may be provided by the student. The available residence halls are: Blackburn Hall, George Mack Hall, Roberts Hall and Moreland Hall. Men’s Honor Hall is a community style residence hall reserved for our incoming freshmen male academic leaders with a 3.0 GPA/20+ ACT with two and three person occupancy rooms. Men’s Honor has internet and cable access as well as both central heat and air. Young Hall is our oldest building on campus and contains mainly single person occupancy rooms for male students. This building is designed with community style bathrooms on each floor. This building is equipped with heat, internet and cable but window A/C units must be provided by the student.

Female residence halls include MacDonald Hall and Ashford Hall. MacDonald Hall is our largest facility on campus and is uniquely designed with half of the building having community style bathrooms and the other half having suite style bathrooms. The majority of MacDonald Hall has two person occupancy rooms; however, there are a few larger rooms. MacDonald Hall has both heating and air with internet and cable access. Ashford Hall is reserved for sophomore-senior students, has mostly two person occupancy rooms, and offers primarily suite style bathrooms. This facility has internet and cable as well as central heat and air.

The 1320 and 1328 Conway Street Apartments are six-occupancy apartments for male students with three bedrooms, housing two students each. Each apartment also contains a living room area and full bathroom, central heat and air, cable and internet access.

The cost of Tier 1 housing is $1,950 per semester.

Tier 2:

Tier 2 includes the following double and triple occupancy bedroom apartments:  Vail Brown, 1455 Redman St., 1459 Redman St., 600 Label St., and 314 Label St. All apartments in Tier 2 have cable, high speed internet, and central heat and air. The Vail Brown Apartments, located on Brunswick Street, were newly renovated in 2008 to have two and three person apartments. Each of these apartments contains either one or two bedrooms, depending on occupancy, with an individual bathroom and living area. The Redman and Label Street apartments are six-occupancy apartments with two large bedrooms housing three students each. Each apartment also contains a living room area, full bathroom and a small kitchenette minus appliances.

The cost of Tier 2 housing is $2,200 per semester.

Tier 3:

Tier 3 applies to Porter Brown Hall, newly built in the summer of 2010. Porter Brown Hall is located adjacent to Mack Porter Rodeo Stables and Arena. This new facility houses students in double occupancy rooms with a suite bathroom to be shared by neighbors. Other amenities include a mud room with lockers, a large community room, cable television, wireless high speed internet, and central heat and air.

The cost of Tier 3 housing is $2,350 per semester.

Tier 4:

Tier 4 applies to Viking Village, newly built in the fall of 2010. These four-plex apartment buildings are arranged in a village style setting around a courtyard. Each apartment contains four single occupancy bedrooms and one bathroom with double vanity sinks. Other amenities include a living/common area for each apartment, small kitchenette minus appliances, laundry facilities, standard cable, wireless high speed internet, and central heat and air.

The cost of Tier 4 housing is $2,450 per semester.

Housing assignments are done in the order applications and down payments are received. The Office of Student Affairs will attempt to meet housing requests based on space availability; however, housing applications and down payments received after the date requested receive lowest priority and may not receive his or her first choice. The applicant may be placed in a house or apartment if space is not available in other facilities and is subject to all charges. *Members of Greek organizations are requested to live in the designated Greek facilities. Greek Housing is organized through the respective chapter presidents; however, down payment and class registration policies still apply.