The Diversity Network

The Diversity Network is a new campus organization that seeks to provide opportunities for cooperation and support among all people on campus in an accepting, respectful, safe and supportive environment. The immediate goal is to reach out to LGBTQIA students, the Black Student Union, commuter students, religious minorities, and other underserved groups. We extend an invitation to students to tell us what are your needs, how The Diversity Network can help, and how you can help the college community improve. Just contact any member of the committee! Fair warning: If you come to us for help, we will ask you to be part of the solution!

Our Mission:
Each member of the Missouri Valley College community values the equal dignity and worth of every individual and we value the diversity to be found among students, staff, faculty, administration, and trustees. Our commitment to the acceptance, safety, and support of diverse constituencies is expressed in word, deed, and spirit. As a community of learning, Missouri Valley College recognizes that cooperative interaction with and support of others is an opportunity for personal and institutional enlightenment, growth, and learning.

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