of Missouri Valley College

Purpose: To foster a sense of community among African-American students at Missouri Valley College. The African-American student population is primarily pulled from St. Louis, MO, and Kansas City, MO; therefore making Missouri Valley College a major networking hub. Ultimately the gaol of the BSU is to develop well-rounds, intellectual individuals who can collaborate and network with people beyond racial and/or cultural barriers.

Mission: To stimulate the intellectual, political, cultural and social growth of all students. Encouraging and supporting students to get involved in campus activities and organizations and to take advantage of the many leadership opportunities available on campus. Collaborating with other departments, academic units and student organizations to further enhance our programs so that we can adequately meet the needs of students of color at MVC.

Operating principles:
1. To provide a forum to discuss issues that is vital to the welfare of MVC students.
2. To act as a liaison between MVC Administration and students.
3. To link students with positive role models including MVC faculty, staff and community.
4. To provide opportunity for peer-to-peer networking, intellectual and social engagement and mentoring for African-American studetns and MVC.
5. To serve as a resource for students for scholarship information; to network and collaborate with other MVC organizations.