of Missouri Valley College

Goals of the Black Student Union

Purpose: The Black Student Union mission is to create a sense of unity of black students that will create resources to present to Missouri Valley College Students through seminars, health awareness, community service initiatives, and events on campus


  • Thanksgiving dinner for students who are stying on campus. By networking with Pastor Stevenson to supply the resources of food and cooks, we can be in a position to feed many international students and out of state students who are not able to go home for Thanksgiving.


  • Seminar for Martin Luther King's birthday
  • BSU shoveling snow fundraiser
  • Clothing Drive for Butterfield Children
  • Three-on-three tournament at the YMCA
  • Health Seminar - DUI, pregnancy, HIV, Aids, cholesterol, high blood pressure, STD's and more
  • BSU members bowling
  • Cultural Day - A day to celebrate the diversity we have on campus
  • Tutoring session for students who need extra help in their studies using the Learning Center


  • February 1 Black History Extravaganza - Keynote speaker, stepping show, African American inspired dance, tap dance McFadden Brothers and Raymond Banks, Slide show of African Americans who have paved the way, poetry (Maya Angelou poems and Langston Hughes) (more will be added)
  • BSU Black History Celebration Party fundraiser DJ Roc Fundraiser
  • Valentine's Day Chocolate Affair Fundraiser
  • Career Seminar - How to build your resume, professionalism, work ethic, business attire and job interviews, social media
  • BSU members skating
  • Movie night once a week showing African American-based movie (working with Student Affairs office)


  • BSU seven-on-seven flag football tournament
  • Spring Bling - Health awareness day, family fun games, activites for students and the community. They will be given T-shirts for the event and also health informaiton bags. DJ will play music. Take place on the quad. Help from other organizations to set their areas for the event. A great way to bring in the spring season and allow students to be active on the quad instead of in the rooms.
  • BSU Banquest Awards cermony