of Missouri Valley College

Constitution of the Black Student Union


The Black Student Union and all members hereafter will adhere to the rules and regulations set forth by this Constitution of the Black Student Union of Missouri Valley College.

Article I – Name and Type

The name of this organization shall be the Black Student Union (BSU).

Article II – Purpose

The purpose of the Black Student Union shall be:

To represent Black students in political matters and community matters.

To serve as the primary advocacy organization for Black students and minorities.

To act as chief liaison between Black students and the College administration.

To take active measures toward fostering and enriching environment for Black students attending a predominately Caucasian College.

To actively participate in functions on and off campus, for example, leadership conferences, that provides enrichment and enlightenment to anyone of color.

Article III - Membership

General Membership of BSU will consist of:
All registered undergraduate and graduate students and those in support of the purposes stated in Article II.

Active Membership entails:

Any undergraduate or graduate student.

All freshmen must be a second semester freshmen.

Must be in good standing with the College.

Must have at least 2.0 grade point average (GPA).

Attended two consecutive meetings or programs and therefore after, become involved on a committee.

Article IV- Executive Board and Committees

Section I. Executive Board

  • The Executive Board will consist of the President, Vice President, Secretaires and Treasurer.

Section II. Executive Board

  • The Executive Board will consist of all other appointed officers. All members of the Executive Board must hold at least a 2.5 grade point average for the fall semester to continue in office for the spring semester. Each member of the Executive Board shall serve an office term of one year beginning in the fall semester of each academic year. No member of the Executive Board may hold the same office more than two consecutive terms. The Executive Board shall assist in maintaining all committees and carry out the aims and objectives of the BSU.

Section III. Responsibilities and Duties of the Officers

A. The President shall:

  • 1. Preside over all formal, informal and executive meetings.
    2. Call meetings of the Executive Board and general body when necessary.
    3. Act as BSU representative and spokesperson, or appoint alternate.
    4. Be responsible and held accountable for the BSU budget in coordination with the Treasurer.
    5. Confer with the advisor on business matters.
    6. Give advice to the Executive Board in the discharge of responsibilities and duties.
    7. Provide for orderly transfer of all documents at the end of his/her term to the newly elected BSU officers.
    8. Uphold the purpose of the BSU (stated in Article II).

B. The Vice President shall:

  • 1. Enforce due observance of this Constitution.
    2. Preside in the absensce of inability of the President.
    3. Represent the BSU in all internal functions.
    4. Succeed the President in the event of resignation or impeachment.
    5. Oversee all committees.

C. The Secretaries shall:

  • 1. Maintain an accurate and permanent record of the minutes of the Executive Board and General Body meetings.
    2. Distribute copies of the minutes to the Executive Board and place such minutes and the Treasurer's Report on file.
    3. Expedite transfer of all files and records of the BSU to the newly elected secretaries at the end of each term.
    4. Take and maintain a record of attendance at all Executive Board and General Body meetings. Submit this record as an end of term attendance report.

D. The Treasurer shall:

  • 1. Maintain an accurate account of all BSU financial transactions.
    2. Present a written report of all financial transactions to the Executive Board.
    3. Produce and be held accountable for the BSU budget in coordination with the President.

E. The Senators shall:

  • 1. Serve as primary liaison between the Executive Board and Student Government Association (SGA) of Missouri Valley College.
    2. Serve as a Committee Chairperson.

Article V. - Nominations

Open nomination forms will be sent out to all BSU members at meeting. All forms must be returned to the Executive Board. Nominations will be accepted at the general body meeting preceding the vote. Only officers not running can handle ballots. All nominees will be notified to present speeches on a designated night. One must fit the membership criteria in Article III and Section II.

Article VI. - Code of Conduct

All officers of the BSU are subject to probation or impeachment by a three-fourths vote of the Executive Board.

Grounds for probation and impeachment are:

  • 1. Failure to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of office.
    2. Misuse of BSU funds or property.
    3. Unexcused absences of Executive Board meetings exceeding two per semester.
    4. Unexcused absences of General Body meetings exceeding one per semester.
    5. Conduct, which disgraces the BSU.

If impeached, ability to run for any BSU Executive Board position is suspended for one year.

Article VII. - Amendments

The Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the Executive Board. The Executive Board must meet membership requirements (Article III). The Amendment may not be voted upon if in conflict with the Purpose (Article II) of the BSU.

Article VIII. - Meetings

1. The Executive Board shall meet at least once each month in a closed session and at the president’s discretion.

2. General Body Meetings shall be held at least once a week, excluding February and December.

Article IX. - Dissolution

The BSU will be dissolved by a three-fourths vote of the General Body at Meeting.