American Humanic

“EXCELLENCE isn’t easy, but around here it is TRADITION!”
2006-2007 MVC American Humanics Student Association

2009 American Humanics

Benefit to the Students

Students are actively engaged in the following academic coursework:

  • Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector
  • Youth Development and Mentoring
  • Volunteer Management and Board Development
  • Fundraising and Resource Development
  • Finance and Management
  • Community Awareness and Visibility

Upon completion of the American Humanics academic requirements students will gain hands-on experience in the following areas:

  • Foundation Competencies
    • Career Development and Exploration
    • Communication Skills
    • Employability Skills
    • Personal Attributes
    • Historical and Philosophical Foundations
    • Youth Development
  • Professional Development Competencies:
    • Board/Committee Development
    • Fundraising Principles and Practices
    • Human Resources Development and Supervision
    • Nonprofit Marketing
    • Nonprofit Accounting and Financial Management
    • General Nonprofit Management
    • Nonprofit Program Planning
    • Nonprofit Risk Management