American Humanic Events

Annual Fall Retreat

On September 9-10, 2007 The American Humanics Student Association under the supervision of their Campus Director participated in the Annual Fall Retreat required by the American Humanics National Office.  Students engaged in professional development workshops/meetings, teambuilding activities and social functions.  This year the students went to PowerPlay in Shawnee Mission, Kansas.

Bingo Night

The 2007 Missouri Valley College Homecoming Week provided the students with special events to show off their Viking Spirit.  The American Humanics Student Association started the week off with their 2nd Annual Bingo Night in collaboration with the Student Affairs Office.  The evening attracted a crowd of approximately 300 student campus wide.  Prizes consisted of donations from the following: Pizza Hut, Dominos, Arby’s, Have-A-Snack, Bogey’s, Hustler’s, Los Tres Amigos, Viking Athletics, BBQ Pit Stop, MVC Bookstore, Applebee’s, One Scoop Two Scoop, McDonalds, Mazzio’s, Marshall Cinema, Remote Control Truck, Desktop Computer, Homemade Baked Cakes, and more. 
The event was free to all students and if they brought a non-perishable food item they received and extra bingo card.  All non-perishable food items were donated to the local food pantry.  Approximately 250 items were collected throughout the evening.
The students hosted another Bingo Night the week before Spring Break and had just as much success.

Drive-By Raking

Drive-by Raking

The American Humanics Student Association piled into the back of trucks and cars to do the unexpected.   Community members could not believe what they saw when the students pulled up to random house within the community and jumped out and began raking.   The students were looking for nothing other than having fun and helping the community.  Once the yard was raked the students put up signs stating “You’ve Been Raked!  By: MVC American Humanics” and moved on to the next house.

Habitat for Humanity

habitat for humanity

The MVC American Humanics Student Association recently went to Slater, Missouri, to work on two houses currently under construction.  For many of the students this was their first time volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, but they walked away from the experience with a new look on life. 


scary clown

The Missouri Valley College American Humanics Student Association collaborated with the Marshall Parks and Recreation Department to host the 2nd Annual Spookfest Haunted House located at the Indian Foothills Aquatic Center.  The American Humanics Students were responsible for all aspects of the event from building to scaring visitors to promoting. 

Optimist Popcorn Sales

There are many things a person can do for others to make them feel good about life.  Our students feel that helping others in there time of need is one of the greatest things a person can do in life.  During the 2007 holiday season I witnessed one of the most selfless acts in my life. 
The Optimist Club approached the American Humanics Student Association with an offer to make a little money for both organizations.  The proposal was for the students of American Humanics to help them with there annual popcorn sales.  The students receive twenty-five percent of the proceeds and the other seventy-five percent was returned to the Optimist Club in order to help fund their various activities throughout the community for the youth of Marshall.  So with both organizations in agreement the student set out to sell the most wonderful popcorn you will ever put in your mouth. 

Saline County Holiday Project

This is the third year for the MVC American Humanics Student Association to assist with the Saline County Holiday Project.  Each year the students pick a theme and set up a display for the toy drive.  This year’s theme is Santa’s Workshop and the display is set up outside the registrar office.  All toys collected from the drive are donated to the Saline County Holiday and available to approximately 300 low income families.  “Every child deserves a visit from Santa!” MVC American Humanics Student Association.

Homelessness Awareness Week

Why did the American Humanics Students elect this particular event?  The idea kind of evolved from my Introduction to Human Services course in the Fall.  Within this course I discuss the different segments and different population which my students have the opportunity to work with following the completion of their degree.  This group was very enthusiastic when it came to discussing the homeless and the opportunities to help.  Homelessness is not something you here our politician and society debating over and in my opinion a worthwhile cause which has been swept under the rug.  The rate of homelessness is growing everyday and in every community.  I had shared an article with my students regarding the two hundred plus students here in the Marshall Public School Districts who are classified as homeless and that blew their minds.  So Homeless Awareness Week was designed out of the passion of my students to educate their peers and our community that homeless people are every where not just in big cities or living under bridges.

What was the experience like?   After speaking with my students following the event and speak personally this was a life changing experience.  You can have someone lecture you on the conditions and what these individuals go through, but nothing hits home more than living in the environment.  For the students who elected to participate in the event we utilize our cafeteria to simulate the experience of eating at a soup kitchen.  The students were only allowed on plate at all three meals.  I think one thing to keep in mind with this event is the students selected one segment of the homeless population.  My students and I are all aware that we had some accommodations to us that some homeless do not, but I had to make a few adjustments to ensure the safety of my students.  I can speak for myself when I say this was truly a humbling experience.

I am not sure what else you had in mind but I would like to close with the following.  I personally would like to thank everyone for their support.  We had a number of local businesses donate boxes, duct tape, tarps, firewood, and etc.  I would also like to thank those community members who took the time out of their busy schedules to stop by and talk with the students.  This was an experience of a life time for my students and an opportunity for them to educate other, but they also took this selfless behavior another step.  Two local non-profit organizations have benefited from this event as well.  Approximately 500 nonperishable food items where donated for the local food pantry and approximately 150 pairs of shoes and $110 where donated for “Shoes That Fit”.  This is an event we hope to continue and expand with the years to come.  I am personally excited about the opportunity to collaborate with other programs and organizations within Marshall to spread awareness.  Throughout this event I have gain a new respect for my students as well and could not be any prouder of them for what they have accomplished this past week.