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Social Science Division


Sociology is the systematic study of human behavior as revealed through their interaction in groups in the course of their daily lives and routines in society.

The Sociology Degree Program at Missouri Valley College strives to offer a rigorous academic study at the undergraduate level to prepare students for careers in sociology-related professions such as:

  • Social Services at all levels of government agencies
  • Urban Planning (including environmental regulation and services consultation)
  • Research and advising/consulting (including statistical/data analysis, demography, market analysis)
  • Management (including private sector and non-profit organizations)
  • Health Care organization and social services management
  • Law (including US justice system administration, criminology, jury and court services management, social ethics advocacy)
  • Politics (including public policy analysis, legislative aide, human rights advocate)
  • Communications (including public relations, international relations)
  • Teaching (elementary and high school teaching, student counseling services)

Students also gain the necessary background preparation to enable them to succeed in obtaining advanced degrees in graduate school in specialized areas in sociology and related fields.


Though small in size, the Missouri Valley College Sociology Program offers a wholesome curriculum with the aim of providing its graduates a comprehensive and solid foundation in the field because nearly everything in the ordinary business of life is connected to sociology.

Current courses of study include:


  • SC 100: Introduction to Sociology
  • SC 232: Marriage and the Family
  • SC 275: Social Problems
  • SC 316: Research Methods
  • SC 320: Urban Sociology
  • SC 321: The Black Experience
  • SC 326: Minority Relations
  • SC 329: Sociological Theory
  • SC 340: Gender Studies
  • SC 149/249/349/449: Special Topics
  • SC 375: Social Deviance
  • SC 390: Sociology Practicum
  • SC 450: Sociology of Health and Medical Care
  • SC 376/476: Independent Study
  • SC 485: Senior Seminar in Sociology

Cross-Listed Courses with Sociology

  • PS 215: International and Current Problems
  • CJ 330: Criminology
  • PY 331: Social Psychology
  • PS 350: Politics in the Third World
  • PY 380: Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • PS 420: Political Sociology

See current Missouri Valley College catalog for full course descriptions.