Psychology Student Spotlight

Sabrina Moussier is a graduate of MVC and is currently a student in the College's Community Counseling Master's program. In addition to her graduate studies, Sabrina works at the library on campus, is a student representative on the Graduate Studies Committee, and works with Dr. Bartels on research projects in her free time.

"I especially like entering and analyzing data."

After finishing her Master's degree, Sabrina would like obtain additional training in research with the goal of both working directly with patients diagnosed with dementia in a counseling role and conducting research to better understand the needs of such patients.

"I think linking both my practice and research could be beneficial to me and my patients."

Originally from France, Sabrina says she found a family and a home at Missouri Valley College.

"Everyone is welcoming and coming from another country is not always easy, but with the people here it's much easier."

Sabrina credits the undergraduate professors for fostering her appreciation for research and preparing her for graduate work.

"As an undergraduate we are given the opportunity for several hands-on activities and projects. The most meaningful to me was the research we were asked to conduct as part of a senior thesis. Of course, it is on a small scale, but what a joy to find even one significant result! Overall, the undergraduate program at MVC provided me with a very strong base for my graduate classes. The classes were getting us ready for graduate work as they were not easy. I did not feel overwhelmed as a new graduate student because I had help getting ready and I knew the support was still there."