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MVC Psychology Program

The purpose of psychology is to give a completely different idea of the things we know best"
   - Paul Valery

The MVC psychology program, one of the largest programs at the college, takes a scientifically oriented approach to the study of behavior and mental processes. Students are provided with a flexible curriculum which includes a broad range of courses, opportunities for independent study, experiential learning through internships, and research opportunities. In order to maximize the learning from these experiences, the development of scientific inquiry skills is emphasized throughout the psychology curriculum. Our goal is to prepare students for careers related to the field of psychology (e.g., behavioral health, human resources, government work, research), whether they choose to do this after earning their undergraduate degree or in the pursuit of a graduate degree in psychology or a related field.

Students can earn a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, or a minor in Psychology at MVC. All require completion of the degree requirements sete forth by the college, along with either 44 (Bachelor's in Psychology) or 18 (Minor in Psychology) Psychology-specific hours. The Psychology degree is designed so that majors can tailor their education to suit their specific interests in the field (e.g., counseling, research, developmental).

Regardless of career goals, we strongly encourage students to get involved in this very active program. We offer a Psychology Club which includes service engagement opportunities and many other opportunities for enrichment outside of the classroom. Under the mentorships of our faculty members, students regularly attend and present their research at psychology conference including Great Plains and the Missouri Psychology Association conference. These learning opportunities provide students with opportunities to build relationships with other students and faculty and develop skills important to success in any career.

Recent students have been accepted to graduate programs at:

  • Missouri State University
  • Nova Southeastern University
  • University of Central Missouri
  • Stephens College

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Student Spotlight

Sabrina Moussier


  • PY100 Principles of Psychology
  • PY215 Careers in Psychology
  • PY225 Developmental Psychology
  • PY230 History of Psychology
  • PY235 Adult Psychology
  • PY245 Theories of Personality
  • PY270 Child & Adolescent Psychology
  • PY310 Experimental Psychology
  • PY322 Physiological Psychology
  • PY331 Social Psychology
  • PY335 Cognitive Psychology
  • PY341 Human Psychology
  • PY342 Health Psychology
  • PY345 Abnormal Psychology
  • PY350 Forensic Psychology
  • PY358 Addictions
  • PY365 Psychological Measurement
  • PY385 Ethics in Psychology
  • PY401 Internship in Psychology
  • PY460 Theory and Practice of Counseling
  • PY485 Seminar in Psychology

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Recent Student-faculty Presentations and Papers

Moussier, S., Bartels, J., & Milovich, M. (accepted). Coverage of the Stanford Prison Study in Introductory Psychology Courses: A survey of Introductory Psychology Instructors. Accepted for presentation at the National Institute on the Teaching of Psychology Convention. St. Pete Beach, FL.

Bartels, J.M., Hernandez, J., Henning, V., Bekovic, D. (March, 2015). Representation of the Stanford Prison Experiment in social psychology textbooks: A content analysis. Presented at 2015 International Convention of Psychological Science. Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Bekovic, D., Bartels, J. M. (March, 2014). If it wasn't for (enter excuse here), I could have won: A literature review of self-handicapping in sports. Presented at 2014 Great Plains Undergraduate Psychology Convention. Kansas City, MO.