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Military Science Minor at MVC

The Missouri Valley College ROTC program is an extension of the Wentworth Military Academy and College located in Lexington, MO. In Wentworth's ROTC program, you'll serve in a 120-cadet battalion alongside cadets from across the United States and overseas. As a small college, we offer personalized instruction that features small classes, hands-on training, and highly engaged faculty who never give up on a cadet.

In addition to offering superior preparation for an Army career, our ROTC program provides a top-notch education that provides you with the tools to complete a bachelor's degree at any college in the country.

Wentworth's ROTC graduates have gained admission to military academies such as Georgia Military Academy, the U.S. Air Force Academy, Virginia Military Institute, and Norwich University, as well as civilian institutions such as the University of Missouri, University of Kansas, Texas A&M, and Iowa State University.

To get more information about the outstanding military leadership opportunities available to you via our ROTC program, contact Aaron Moore, SROTC Department, at or (816) 259-6077.