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Military Science Minor at MVC

What is a Military Science program?

A Military Science program focuses on preparing students for careers in the United States Army. Missouri Valley College offers Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) students the opportunity to obtain a minor in Military Science while earning their Bachelor of Science or Arts degree in a major field of their choice at Valley.

ROTC students at Missouri Valley College may choose from any of Valley's majors; however, the majors frequently selected include Criminal Justice, Political Science, History, and Sociology. If you choose to minor in Military Science, you will complete all the requirements of your chosen major and also take 18 hours of Military Science courses in consultation with Valley's ROTC faculty. Valley's Military Science courses focus on developing basic military skills, cardiovascular fitness, as well as leadership and management skills. Missouri Valley College ROTC students academic development and fitness training is supported by our ongoing relationship with Wentworth Military Academy.

If you want to Learn, Lead and Succeed in Military Science, join Valley's ROTC Program and make it a part of your college curriculum by taking a Minor in Military Science.