The Missouri Valley College Nursing Program application deadline is February 1, 2016. Students interested in applying need to adhere to this important deadline. Please feel free to call 660-831-0832 should you have questions or need further assistance.

Application Requirements

Professional Nursing Education Program Requirements and Application Procedures:

  • 1. Admittance to Missouri Valley College
  • 2. A minimum of Junior status at time of starting the program. Students are encouraged to apply to the program by February 1 of their Sophomore year or the year in which they anticipate starting in the nursing program.
  • 3. Completion of the BSN, RN degree program does not guarantee licensure or eligibility to take the licensure exam. Please review the regulations regarding eligibility to take the Missouri State Licensure exam here.
  • 4.MVC School of Nursing Application (applications fee of $25)
  • 5.Completion of the ACT with a 20 or higher. All applying students must have an ACT score on file.
  • 6.Completion of the TEAS exam prior to submission of the program application (before Feb. 1).
  • 7. Three completed reference forms. At least one of the forms must be from a Registered Nurse and one of the forms must be from a college professor.
  • 8. Students previously enrolled in a nursing program (RN or LPN) at a different institution should also provide a letter from the Director of the program verifying student status at time of departure. The letter must be on institutional letterhead with Director/Dean contact information included.
  • 9. It is highly recommended that students attempt to obtain a health-related job experience of some type prior to the nursing application process. Students with at least some minimal health care experience (either job-shadowing or actual work experience) will have a significant advantage both in the continuation of coursework in nursing and the application process.
  • 10. Minimum cumulative Nursing GPA of 2.75, including coursework from other institutions (transfer students must provide official college transcripts to Missouri Valley College Registrar's office from ALL colleges/universities attended if not currently on file). Nursing GPA Calculator
  • 11. Interview with the selection committee. Interviewees will be selected the week after the deadline and letters of invitation to interview will be emailed via your official MVC email no later than ten days after the application deadline. Interviews will be conducted the last two weeks of February. After receiving your email invitation to interview, please contact the school to schedule your interview time.
  • 12. International students and ESL students must have completed the TOEFL exam PRIOR TO submission of the application and provide evidence of scores with the application.
  • 13. All Materials Must Be Submitted To The Director Of Nursing Education By Feb. 1.
  • 14. Students will be notified no later than April 1 of their admission status.

Completion of program prerequisite courses with a B or better by the time the student would begin the program in the Fall:

BI/EX 275 & 285 Human Anatomy & Physiology I & II


BI 320 Microbiology


CH 111 General Chemistry I
(Core II – Science)


HL 260 Principles of Pharmacology


NU 110 Introduction to Nursing


MA 200 Introduction to Statistics


PL150 Biomedical Ethics


PY225 Developmental Psychology




       All Core Coursework must be completed prior to starting program

Please Contact Peggy Van Dyke for any questions.

Peggy Van Dyke, DNP, RN, FNP-BC

(660) 831-0832