Acceptance Requirements

After acceptance into the program, students will be responsible for the following:

  • Maintaining a "C" or above in all prerequisite course work.
  • Maintaning a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or above upon entry into the program in the Fall.
  • Completing any summer pre-requisite coursework with a "C" or above. All pre-requisites are required to be completed prior to the first day of Fall nursing coursework. Please provide confirmation of enrollment in any required pre-requisite courses no later than April 1.
  • Submitting the $500.00 one-time program fee by April 15, to secure your position along with a completed accept/decline form. This fee is non-refundable and will be applied to future program items. This fee is not related to any Missouri Valley College annual deposits. If your fee is not submitted, we will assume you are not accepting your selection to our program. This fee cannot be paid with Fall financial aid.
  • Completing the background check prior to leaving for the Spring semester.
  • Completing the Healthcare Registry form and returning it with the "accept/decline" form to the school of nursing prior to leaving for the spring semester.
  • Providing proof of malpractice insurance by August 1. Information is provided by the school on purchasing malpractice insurance through NSO, though the college does not endorse any specific malpractice insurance company.
  • Meeting the immunizations requirements as stated in the attachment. Completed immunization information and physical form should be submitted to the School of Nursing & Health Science no later than July 1.
  • Completing a 9-panel drug screen prior to leaving for the Spring semester. These are offered at our Student Health office or at the Saline County Health Department for a small fee.
  • Having a laptop that has wireless internet connectivity is highly recommended. The School of Nursing & Health Sciences buildig has wireless capabilities for all current students with student access.
  • Providing documentation of CPR certification that does not expire until (or after) May 25 of the first year in the program. Students are required to maintain CPR certification throughout the program. If you have not completed CPR, or require a renewal, there will be a mandatory certification CPR course offered the first Saturday after coursework begins in the Fall semester.

Please see the BSN Student Handbook for further details regarding the MVC Nursing Program.