Health Information Systems

Two-Year Plan

AAS (Associate of Applied Science) in Healthcare Information Systems Degree:

Fall Year 1:
EN130 Rhetoric and Composition 3
CS110 Introduction to CIS 3
CS120 Introduction to Programming 3
HL100 Introduction to Health Information Management 3
HL110 Foundations of Medical Science I 3
HL135 Health Information and the Law 2
  Total 17
Spring Year 1:
EN160 Literature and Composition 3
CS115 Healthcare Information Technologies 3
HL105 US Healthcare Systems 3
HL120 Foundations of Medical Science II 3
MA165 College Algebra 3
  Total 15
Fall Year 2:
AC100 Introduction to Accounting 3
BA212 Principles of Management 3
CS240 Database Management for Health Information Systems 3
HL200 Medical Insurance and Billing 2
MA200 Statistics 3
SP100 Public Speaking 3
  Total 16
Spring Year 2:
CS280 Advanced Database Concepts for HIS 3
CS299 Health Information Internship 3
HL270 Management of Health Information Services 3
HL250 Medical Coding 3
HS104 or HS105 or PS100 3
  Total 15