Student Government Association - Senators

C. BurgessChase Burgess

"I want to help make Missouri Valley College a great place to be for current and future students."

T. CastilloTaylor Castillo

"I want to serve the best interests of the students of Missouri Valley College. I want to bring fresh perspective and critical thinking to the Student Government Association."

S. ConlanShane Conlan

"I can bring an international perspective to the SGA. I can give a different point of view than the majority of the students as I have different experiences to life from a different country. I have different views and needs as an international student."

A. KotanoneAlex Kotanone

"I want to be a senator because I would like to help improve student life on cmapus by making sure the student voices are heard."

M. RussellMarkus Russell

"I want to become a senator to help better Missouri Valley's campus. I can bring organization and motivation to the Student Government Association."

L. StappLogan Stapp

"I was in Student Council in high school and enjoyed it greatly. I want to help make improvements on the Missouri Valley Campus. I am very outgoing and spontaneous. I love helping with things on campus."

A. WhiteAaron White

"I want to be a senator because I have prior knowledge with student government. I can bring ideas, leadership and prior knowledge into SGA."