Student Government Association Mission

The mission of MVC's Student Government Association (SGA) is to provide a forum where students can address issues, discuss ideas and create a more positive academic community on campus. We're committed to improving communication between students and faculty, but our primary focus is to be an advocate for all students who attend Missouri Valley College.

So, what is SGA? How is it put together? What do we do? Read below to find out!

Executive Board

The Executive Board is comprised of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary. Those who hold these positions are required to attend at least one meeting a week and are constantly working to promote SGA. Being in the Executive Board requires a large time commitment, but is very rewarding.

Judicial Board

The Judicial Board is comprised of a total six students and six faculty members. However, in any given hearing only three students and three faculty members will serve on the board. This is done to ensure there will always be enough Judicial Board members available to hear a case. Members are not voted on, they are appointed and serve for their duration at Missouri Valley College. Their job is to hear academic, honor, and student life cases that affect the students at MVC. This is a highly privileged position. If you're interested in being a member of the board we encourage you to fill out an application and send it to .

Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch consists of fourteen students who comprise the Student Senate. This is a great opportunity for students who do not have much time to commit to SGA, but still want to be involved. The Senate s main job is to address students concerns. It serves as a forum for debate and discussion on any issue affecting the students of Missouri Valley College.