Student Government Association Legacy

SGA is rich with history. The earliest records of a formalized SGA date back to the 1930's. There is a plaque in the SGA Office dedicated to several members from the 30s and 40s. Between then and the turn of the century, involvement in SGA drastically dropped. Around 2002 a group of five students decided to resurrect SGA. They created a Constitution and started having formalized meetings again. They sponsored Blood Drives, Freshmen Orientation activities, and improved the Valley ID Cards.

Unfortunately, by 2006 SGA fell apart again. But then, in the summer of 2009 SGA was rejuvenated. The academic year of 2009 - 2010 is the most active SGA has been in nearly five years. To all who was involved in that journey, thank you. To all of you who would like to be, we're eager to have you.

Below you will see a list of all we've succeeded in doing that year.

  • September - Inducted Missouri Valley College's first Student Senators, Created a new SGA Constitution
  • October - Helped with Homecoming activities, Sponsored a dinner with President of MVC, Dr. Humphrey
  • November- Sponsored a student forum with Dr. Humphrey and Dean of Students, Heath Morgan
  • December - Finalized paperwork on SGA's first budget, created a system to unite all organizations on campus
  • January - Created an SGA e-mail account, began work on the SGA web-site, started planning the first SGA formal election
  • February - Completed the SGA Website, sent the SGA Constitution to be approved by cabinet, sent students to Jefferson City to speak about the Missouri Access Grant
  • March - Campaigning will begin for the 2010-2011 SGA Offices
  • April - SGA will sponsor the first SGA Inauguration and Organization Awards Ceremony

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