Student Government Association Constitution

Missouri Valley College Student Government Association
Approved by President’s Cabinet March 09, 2010

We, the students of Missouri Valley College, deriving all constitutional rights and privileges from the Board of Trustees, in order to improve the quality of student life, enhance each student’s educational experience, provide the best governance for the student body, and contribute to the welfare of the college community, do hereby set forth this constitution for our campus government, the Student Government Association.

Section 1: The name of the governing body for students at Missouri Valley College (MVC) shall       be the Student Government Association (SGA), which will be comprised of three                   branches: a Student Senate, Executive Board and Judicial Board.
Section 2: All degree seeking students enrolled at MVC are members of the SGA by virtue of                        their enrollment and are thereby subject to the rules and regulations established by the         SGA.
Section 3: All members of the SGA shall be entitled to one vote.
ARTICLE II:  SGA Student Senate
Section 1:  The legislative powers of the SGA of MVC shall be vested in a Student Senate, which shall be comprised of a number of persons not to exceed 10% of the FTE of MVC.
Section 2: Duties of the Student Senate:

  1. Maintain a GPA of 2.5 or above, and be in good standing with MVC;
  2. Approve the annual budgets of all student organizations;
  3. Facilitate communication between the SGA and members of student organizations;
  4. Hold regular meetings not to be less than two per month during the semester, open to the student body;
  5. Have the sole powers of initiating impeachment proceedings of officers;
  6. Adhere to the attendance policy (Article XI, Section 1);
  7. Consider all resolutions and/or bills offered by the SGA Executive Board;

 The executive powers of the SGA shall be vested in one Executive Board, which shall be comprised of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary who are elected by the student body (Article VI).
Section 1: Duties of the President:

  1. Uphold the rules and regulations of the SGA Constitution;
  2. Provide inspiration and vision for the direction the SGA;
  3. Any vacancies of the Executive Board will be filled through application and appointment by the President;
  4. Preside over the SGA Executive Board;
  5. Has the power of veto on any SGA propositions;
  6. Act as a student liaison to the college administration, staff, and faculty; as well as the Marshall community and other schools;
  7. Serve as the student representative to the Board of Trustees;
  8. Adhere to the attendance policy (Article IX, Section 1);
  9. Perform other duties as necessary

Section 2: Duties of the Vice-President:

  1. Assume the duties of the President when absent;
  2. Preside over the Student Senate in the capacity of the SGA President of the Student Senate, voting only in the event of a tie, or if a single vote is needed to reach a quorum;
  3. Adhere to the attendance policy (Article XI, Section 1);
  4. Perform other duties as necessary

Section 3: Duties of the Treasurer:

  1. Request and petition, in writing, any funds which may be needed with approval by the SGA Student Senate;
  2. Organize and execute one fundraiser a semester;
  3. Keep track of all SGA credit and debits;
  4. Work in cooperation with the MVC CFO;
  5. Adhere to the attendance policy (Article XI, Section 1);
  6. Perform other duties as necessary.

Section 4: Duties of the Secretary

  1. To produce a bulletin informing MVC’s media outlets of weekly activities so they can be properly announced;
  2. Keep accurate minutes of every SGA meeting and maintain organized records;
  3. Serve as primary communications point for the SGA internally and to the student body by sending and receiving all formal SGA communications;
  4. Adhere to the attendance policy (Article XI, Section 1);
  5. Perform other duties as necessary.


Section 1: The Judicial Branch of the SGA shall be composed of a Judicial Board, consisting of                     twelve members. Six of whom shall be students and six of whom shall be faculty.                              However, when a hearing is called only three students and three faculty will serve on                              each case.
Section 2: All interested parties will be asked to submit an application along with a faculty                            recommendation. Students should maintain a 2.5 GPA and good academic standing.                         The Student Senate will then vote on all qualified parties to select the three justices and                 one alternate.  With the consent of the Chief Academic Officer (CAO) and the Dean of           Students, these students will be appointed to the judicial board for their entire term at                 Valley.
Section 3: Faculty members are recommended by the Faculty Senate, appointed by the Chief                         Academic Officer (CAO) and the Student Government Association (SGA). They                   must be full-time faculty members, and have been employed by Missouri Valley                           College for one full academic year.  
Section 4: All members will remain anonymous.

Section 1: All SGA elections shall be by secret ballot.
Section 2: During the first Senate meeting of the spring semester the SGA President will call for                    nominees for Executive Board election. Each nominee must indicate which office                  he/she would like to pursue.
Section 3:  Nominees will be allowed to campaign once they have declared they are running for                      office.
Section 4: Elections for the SGA Executive Board members shall take place the first Tuesday in                  April. Persons elected at this time shall hold office until the election and                                inauguration of the Executive Board in the following Spring Semester.
Section 5: The following requirements are placed on any student seeking to hold office in the                         SGA:

  1.  Executive Board officers:
    1. good standing with MVC;
    2. full-time student;
    3.  Maintain a GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale;
    4. Minimum two previous semesters of attendance at MVC
    5. Must have a recommendation from a faculty member
    6. The student can never have been impeached
  2. Senate:
    1. good standing with MVC;
    2. Maintain a GPA of at least 2.5;

Section 6: The SGA Officers shall hold office for a regular academic year.
Section 7: Candidates wishing to appeal the results of any of the elections or election rulings                            can file a written appeal to the Faculty Advisor of SGA within twenty-four hours of                        hearing such results or rulings.
Section 8: No student may hold two offices in the SGA at the same time. No student may serve                  on more than one branch at the same time.

Section 1: In the event any member of the Executive Board or Student Senate resigns or is                             removed from office, the SGA President shall:

  1. Appoint a member of the student body to complete the term of office of the vacated position.
  2. Call for a special election, if a majority of the elected positions in either the Executive Council or Student Senate is vacated. The newly elected persons shall serve the remaining portion of the term of office to which they have been elected.

Section 2: In the event the presidential position is vacated the Vice-President shall assume the                       President’s duties.
Section 1: Any SGA officer may be impeached, and if found guilty, removed from office.
Section 2:  Upon having the evidence taken to the Judicial Board, they will follow their normal                       proceedings and hear the case.
Section 4: If the defendant is found guilty of the charges brought against him or her, the                               following sanctions can be imposed by the Student Senate:

    1. Permanent suspension
      1. Dismissal from SGA without leave to apply for re-election
    2. Suspension
      1. Removal from SGA decision-making for a period of time not to exceed thirty calendar days, except when voting in general elections as members of the student body.

Section 1: In the event the charged student disagrees with a finding of guilt or sanction of any                      hearing, Senate, Executive Board or committee decision he/she may request an appeal                          in writing to the SGA Judicial Board, which can be submitted to the Chief Academic                        Officer.
Section 3: Statute of Limitations on all charges is within three days.
Section 2: The Judicial Board will then follow their procedure to hear the case.
Section 1:  This Constitution shall become official effective upon its approval by the Board of                         Trustees of the College and ratification by a 2/3 vote of a joint-session of the                                        Executive Board and Student Senate.
Section 2: Amendments to the Missouri Valley College SGA Constitution must be ratified by a                     2/3 majority of the Student Senate, a majority of the student body and signed by the                     President of the SGA.
Section 1: Attendance Policy

  1. The Executive Board shall adhere to the following policy:
    1. Attend the two monthly mandatory scheduled meetings during the regular semesters
    2. Attend any special meetings called by the SGA President
    3. No  member shall miss two meetings during any one semester;
    4. Tardiness of more than fifteen minutes from the scheduled start time, or when the meeting is called to order, whichever is later, will constitute an absence;
    5. Members in violation of this policy will receive a letter of warning upon their second absence from the SGA President or the SGA Advisor if the member is the SGA President;
    6. If another absence occurs after this letter of warning, the Senate will begin impeachment procedures.
  2. The Student Senate shall adhere to the following policy:
    1. Attend two meetings during the regular semesters;
    2. Attend any special meetings called by the Vice-President;
    3. No member shall miss any more than two meetings during any one semester, regardless of reason;
    4. Tardiness of more than fifteen minutes from the scheduled start time, or when the meeting is called to order, whichever is later, will constitute an absence;
    5. Members in violation of the policy will receive a letter of warning upon their second absence from the Vice-President;
    6. Upon their third absence; the Vice-President will make a motion to have the Senator removed from office;
      1. The vote will be held during a joint-session between Senate and Executive Board
      2. There must be a 2/3 majority vote of the Student Senate.
      3. The Senator will be notified of the results by the Vice-President
    7. In the event a Senator is dismissed, a replacement will be appointed by the Executive Board.

Section 2: Advisorship

  1. Each spring, after elections have been conducted, the new executive board will invite a faculty/staff member to serve as SGA Advisor.

Section 3: Presenting Legislation

  1. Any MVC student may originate a proposal, but an elected member of SGA must sponsor the legislation.
  2. The author of the proposal and the sponsor of the proposal shall sign each proposal under consideration.
  3. To pass, a proposal must receive a majority vote of the Senate and be signed by the President of the SGA.
  4. Once a proposal has passed, notification will be made to the student body.

Section 4: Inauguration

  1. The President of the SGA shall set a date for the official inauguration ceremony which will occur in the month of April.
  2. The Executive Board and SGA Advisor shall be responsible for all arrangements for the inauguration, including the organization of the ceremony.
  3. No person elected or appointed shall officially take office without swearing the following Oath of Affirmation: “I (state name), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of (state office) and will, to the best of my ability, uphold the Missouri Valley College Student Government Association Constitution.”
  4. The oaths shall be administered by the out-going or current SGA President.

Section 5: Budget

  1. SGA will be funded by a separate line-item in the yearly Missouri Valley College budget.
  2. Oversight responsibility will be entrusted to the SGA Treasurer and the CFO, who will work in conjunction with one another.
  3. SGA funds will be disbursed as follows:
    1. Each student-organization will receive base funding each semester. This will consist of 40% of the entire SGA budget.
    2. 30% will be given to scholastic/academic endeavors of either individuals, groups or student-organizations;
    3. 20% will be given to community service initiatives;
    4. 10% will be allotted for campus programming
  4. In order to secure any funds not covered by the base funding, any approved student organization may petition for more funds from the Student Senate.