What is Army ROTC?

The Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps or ROTC at Missouri Valley College is an educational program which combines college electives in military science with practical leadership training to prepare men and women to become Army officers. Upon successful completion of the Army ROTC program and graduation from Missouri Valley College (bachelors or masters), cadets receive their commissions as second lieutenants in the active Army, Army Reserve or Army National Guard.

How can Army ROTC benefit me?

The leadership and management training you will receive in the ROTC program looks impressive on any resume. Employers know that you have the discipline, knowledge and self-confidence it takes to become an Army officer. Army ROTC at Missouri Valley College will ensure your success while in college and beyond.

Who participates in ROTC?

Missouri Valley College is known as the Dragon Battalion, Viking Detachment. The Dragon Battalion is a combination of cadets from both Wentworth Military Academy and Missouri Valley College. Each year we have approximately 25 students enrolled in military science classes. These students are from a variety of academic disciplines, including: criminal justice, business, human services, education, art, exercise science, and more.

How will I manage with ROTC, too?

The Army ROTC Program at Missouri Valley College is not designed to interfere with the rest of your academic and athletic schedules. As a matter of fact, there are some classes that actually fulfill your core requirements. To participate in the ROTC program you are only required to take one class per semester. This allows ROTC to fit nicely into your schedule. Those students that complete the program will be awarded with a minor in military science in addition to the major of their choosing.