Registrar's Office - Transfer Credit & Evaluations

Missouri Valley College accepts courses and hours from regionally accredited colleges and universities. In order to have a transcript evaluated for credit the college must receive an official transcript from the original college or university.

Transcripts are evaluated course by course by the Registrar's Office. Only bachelor's credible courses with a grade of C or better are accepted. Sometimes MVC will not have an exact match for a course, but accepts the course as 000. Courses accepted as 000 may count as a core requirement, major requirement, major elective, or general elective.

Upper division credit is also transferable and is counted by the way the course was taken - not as it is accepted. For example, a student might take BNSS 342 - Business Management at York College and it will be accepted as BA 212 - Principles of Management and the student will receive upper division credit for the course. On the same note the student might take BNSS 205 - Business Statistics and it will be accepted as BA 302 - Statistics; in this case the student would not receive upper division credit.

Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees from regionally accredited institutions will be accepted as meeting the MVC core requirements. Grades of D are accepted with the AA degree. Associate of Applied Science degrees are accepted on a course-by-course basis and many AAS courses are considered occupational and not accepted in transfer.

Students that have military training might be eligible for academic credit. Those students should provide a copy of their Joint Services Transcript (JST) the Registrar's office for review.

Occasionally the Registrar's Office is asked to evaluate an unofficial or student copy of a transcript. While this is done, it is in no way to be considered official or a final evaluation.