Registrar's Office

Faculty members are asked to record all absences and provide a last date of attendance (LDA) for extended absences. It is extremely important to keep accurate records and be able to provide an accurate LDA when needed.

Administrative Withdraw:

Any student who misses two consecutive weeks of class, or has missed 50% of class periods by mid-term, is subject to being administratively withdrawn from that class by the Professor, however, the Professor is not required to take this action. It is the responsibility of the student to withdraw from any class that they are not attending. If the Professor initiates the withdraw, they will submit the proper withdraw form to the Registrar's office and the student will then be notified of this action by the Registrar's office. If the withdraw takes place within the first 6 weeks of class the student will receive a grade of "W". If the withdraw takes place after the 6th week of class, the student will receive a "WF" or "WP". Readmission will be considered only for extenuating circumstances as approved by the Vice President of Academic Affairs and the Registrar. In such cases, where readmission is approved, a readmit fee of $350.00 will be charged. If a student drops below full-time status of 12 hours, financial aid may be adversely affected. Resident students dropping below 12 hours will be asked to move out of campus housing.