Work & Learn

Job Assignments And Scheduling

Students complete a questionnaire of work experience and preferences that guide the Work & Learn Office in determining work assignments. The allocation of students to the various divisions and departments of the College is based on the needs of the College. While the College seeks to match student desires and skills with the job, it is a difficult task to accomplish. Generally, students with higher class standing (sophomore, junior, senior) and those with good work records are given priority. (All students are expected to report to their jobs and supervisors for scheduling during the first day of classes for the Fall and Spring Terms).


Transfers to other jobs are possible and will be considered if an exemplary work record is evident or if medical limitations prohibit the worker from successfully carrying out their job responsibilities. To request a transfer a “Transfer Request Form” must be completed. This form is available in the Work & Learn Office. Notification of the transfer will be sent, in writing, to the student and supervisor if approved. Non-medical transfers will not be considered until after the fourth week of the semester.

The College Work & Learn Stipend

The standard Work & Learn stipend is $1860.00 for the academic year, which translates into 150 hours of work for the Fall Term and 150 hours for the Spring Term – a total of 300 hours for the entire year. This averages out to approximately 10 hours per week for the academic year. The stipend amount is specified in the Financial Aid Package, which is signed by the student. The pay rate for the College Work & Learn participant is $6.20 per hour.

Time Sheets And Work Productivity

The workweek runs from Thursday to Wednesday each week. Time sheets are due in the Work & Learn Office every Thursday by noon. Both the student and the supervisor must sign the time cards in order to be valid. Students are expected to keep their work level up to date unless the Work & Learn Office grants a deferment (i.e. to some athletes during their sport season). Time sheets turned in three or more weeks late (College holidays excluded) will not be accepted. It is the student worker’s responsibility to turn in completed time sheets to the Work & Learn Office each week. Both the student and supervisor should be in agreement and sign the time sheet accordingly. Each student should complete his/her time sheets thoroughly and keep a log of the hours completed to avoid any discrepancies between the Work & Learn Office, supervisor, and student. The student is also advised to keep a copy of all time cards for their own records. If a student is discovered “stealing time” or falsifying any time cards, the result will be automatic termination, without reinstatement into the Work & Learn Program.

Financial Responsibility

The College Work & Learn stipend represents an opportunity for the student to pay a portion of his/her room, board, and tuition charges by working for the College. The College Work & Learn stipend is not a “grant” or a “scholarship,” therefore, the student is obligated to complete the work or make a direct payment. If Work & Learn required hours are not kept current, the Business Office may periodically seek payment of the unworked hours. In severe situations, the student may not be permitted to register for succeeding terms until their Work & Learn Account is up to date. If any available monies (i.e. extra loan, overpayment) exist on the account, they will automatically be applied to any outstanding balance that may exist on the students account in the Business Office. If a credit balance is created due to completed Work & Learn hours, the Business Office will distribute pay disbursements once a month.

Students and parents should cooperate with the College to assure that accounts are current. Failure to meet the requirements of the Work & Learn contract, policies, and procedures may result in disciplinary actions and notification of the parents/ guardians and/or termination without reinstatement from the Work & Learn Program. If termination takes place, immediate restitution for any outstanding Work & Learn balance is required.

Operational Responsibility

The student, supervisor, and the Work & Learn Office play an important role in the success of the Work & Learn Program in the following manners:

The Work & Learn Coordinator is responsible for:

  • Surveying student work interest and assigning a primary supervisor.
  • Monitoring College operational needs and assigning students permanently or temporarily to assure full staffing.
  • Maintaining cumulative work records of students and their progress on the job.
  • Assisting in the resolution of problems between students and supervisors.
  • Reviewing work progress with supervisors, and assessing any training needs.

Supervisors are responsible for:

  • Surveying the work needs of their areas of responsibility and establishing significant work assignments.
  • Assigning students to specific work and organizing them into effective work teams.
  • Interpreting to students the importance of their work and instructing them on how to accomplish it.
  • Motivating students positively toward successful completion of the work.
  • Informing the Work & Learn Office of any students who are not performing their work satisfactorily, and involving the office in counseling and decisions regarding the student’s employment.
  • Utilizing older and more experienced students in the supervisory process as “group leaders” who can oversee work teams of less experienced students.
  • Maintaining and assuring, with signature, the accuracy of time sheets.
  • Pacing work assignments and hourly commitments by students in order to keep key facility operations staffed until the end of the term.

Students are responsible for:

  • Scheduling in advance with the supervisor the hours they will work.
  • Reporting for work at the correct time and remaining until completion.
  • Working the full hours of obligation with quality performance.
  • Informing the supervisor prior to expected time of arrival on the job of any difficulty in meeting work schedules. It is the responsibility of the students to keep supervisors informed of circumstances affecting their work, not the supervisor’s to search for missing students.
  • Keeping time sheets up to date and accurate, and reviewing the results with supervisors at the end of the work cycle.
  • Submitting completed time sheets to the Work & Learn Office for tabulation every Thursday by noon. Any time sheet not completed will be returned to the student and not processed until fully completed.
  • Understanding the Work & Learn commitments form of the student aid package. Whenever work obligations are not fulfilled, direct payment is expected.