MVC Students Find Literary Inspiration in "The Purple Patch"

Posted May 13, 2015

The 15th volume of “The Purple Patch,” Missouri Valley College's literary and art journal, is now available in print and online. Featuring original poems, essays, stories, and artwork by 21 MVC students, “The Purple Patch” is published by the Nu Epsilon chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, the national English honor society.

"As a member of Sigma Tau Delta, I believe spreading works of literature is one of our duties. We're giving English majors and non-English majors a chance to share their own worlds and creations through the use of words said Christina Bautista, associate editor of the Journal." 

On May 5, two dozen students, faculty and staff gathered to celebrate the new issue of “The Purple Patch.”

"My friend Fanny Bertalan’s work 'America for an International Student' was an intriguing piece. She talked about all of the qualities of America that she found different or strange from her home in France. Going to this event and reading ‘The Purple Patch’ has inspired me to submit something for the next volume. I enjoy writing poetry so I might write some poetry over the summer,” said Freshman Shelby Dowler.

Macey Embrey, editor in chief of the 2014-2015 volume, told the group, "I have been able to truly see the diverse student backgrounds through each and every submission to ‘The Purple Patch.’ This year it was very difficult to choose what to include because there were so many great works submitted."

After attending “The Purple Patch” release party, Phillip Thomas, sophomore, said, "It's pretty cool to see a group of students show off their hard work. Also, I liked to see some of my friends' work in the book itself. The styles of writing also opened my eyes to new ways I could write. It looks like they just write what comes from their heart and it works really well. It's inspiring, honestly."

"I really have to emphasize that the Sigma Tau Delta members do all the work to make ‘The Purple Patch’ what it is. Each year since 2009, when I started as the faculty advisor, I've been impressed by the quality of the final product. And it's such a great learning opportunity for the editors, one that has served all of the past editors in some capacity in their careers," said Dr. Jennifer Eimers, associate professor of English and Sigma Tau Delta faculty advisor.

This volume of “The Purple Patch” is dedicated to Dr. Loren Gruber, beloved MVC English professor, and life-long member of Sigma Tau Delta, who passed away in November 2014.

"Dr. Loren Gruber was one of my professors who helped push me into becoming a creative writer. He taught me that I am my own God, creating worlds and life through a simple stroke of a pen. He taught me that even in the darkest times literature sparks life into myself. It gives myself a chance to share with the world my ideas. But most importantly, he taught me that my works could change lives by inspiring and giving people something to escape from reality,” and Student Christina Bautista. “Literature isn't just a bunch of words on a paper. It's a form of magic that can make anything possible.”

“The Purple Patch” volume XV features work by the following MVC students: Chantal Petterson, Emma Crabb, Stephen Bilkey, Ana Clara Amorim Soares, Fanny Bertalan, Alexander Kotanone, Silence Dogood, Elijah Ogan, Germán Camilo Castañdeda Chala, Leonardo De Souza Padua, Christina Bautista, Donna M. Monnig, Charles Ezi Wonders, Lindsey McMillan, Rebekah Walker, Nancy Hedrick, Macey Embrey, Nali Niceswander, and Jiaqi Hu.

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