MVC Online

Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Middle School Education, Social Studies
Missouri Valley College (MVC) and Wentworth Military Academy (WMA)

Courses to be completed at WMA MVC Course Equivalency
PS101 American Government PS100 Foundations of Federal Government
PS102 State & Local Government PS230 State and Local Government
BUS203 Macroeconomics EC206 Princliples of Macroeconomics
HST111 United States through 1865 HS104 Foundations of American History I


HST112 United States since 1865 HS105 Foundations of American History II
HST209 Early World Civilization HS115 Hisotry of World Civilization I


HST210 Modern World Civilization HS116 History of World Civilization II
BS101 General Psychology PY100 Principles of Psychology


BS102 General Sociology SC100 Intro to Sociology
GEG101 World Geography GE250 World Geography


Courses to be completed at WMA - 16 credit hours per semester (with rotation) Credits

A Semester

ED100 Introduction to Teaching 3
ED260 Education of the Exceptional Child 3
ED192 Middle School Practicum 1
  Upper division Social Studies Electives 6
  Elective 3

Students must take and successfully complete C-Base Examination this semester. Students must also apply and gain acceptance into the MVC Teacher Education program.

B Semester

ED335 Tests & Measurements 3
ED307 Classroom Org & Mgmt 3
ED322 Reading in Content Area 3
ED382 Middle School Curriculum 2
ED305 Portfolio 1
  Electives 4

C Semester

MS380 Middle School Organization 3
ED381 Teach Reading/Writing Middle Sch 3
ED351 Middle School Clinical Experience 3
ED305 Portfolio 1
  Upper Division electives 6

D Semester

ED452 Tech of Teach Middle School 2
ED405 Portfolio 1
ED492 Middle Sch Student Teaching 12
ED420 Student Teaching Seminar 1

Students must take and successfully complete Praxis examination the completion of this semester.

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