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Online Policies & Procedures

Online Students: Missouri Valley College online students will operate under the policies and procedures as outlined in the college catalog with the following additions and/or exceptions:

In reference to tuition cost and financial aid, students taking at least one face-to-face class will be considered face-to-face students. Online students are those taking strictly online classes.

Online students must be officially enrolled and logged into the class via Moodle by the end of the 2nd day of class of any particular term/semester.

Online students should utilize the following chart to address issues associated with their online course:

Student Issue Student Response
Issues with assignment or lecture clarity Contact instructor
Issues with completing assignments resulting in need for extension Contact instructor immediately via both email and phone
Techincal issues during a quiz or examination Contact the TLH Help Desk, then immediately contact instructor
Any general technical issues Contact TLH Help Desk, available 24 hours, 7 days a week; follow up with instructor and report if the issue was resolved or requires further action

Full-time face-to-face students can enroll in up to 6 online credit hours each fall and spring semester with an additional $250 per credit hour fee for online courses, after first enrolling in at least 12 credit hours of on-campus face-to-face courses. Students then can enroll in an additional course beyond 18 credit hours, up to 21 credit hours, with the Chief Academic Officers consent. These students will be charged an overload fee of $350 per credit hour. Students with a GPA of 3:75 or above may take 3 additional hours without charge. The maximum overload is 21 hours.

Online students will be charged a $60.00 per semester fee for the fall and spring terms. This fee will be called a student fee.

Solely online students will be charged a $250 per credit hour fee. Additionally, solely online students are eligible for a restricted student identification card for use in receiving student discounts at area businesses, proctored tests, etc., for an additional fee of $5. This restricted student identification is not valid for on-campus activities and services.

Solely online students who decide to take a face-to-face course will be charged $350 per credit hour for the face-to-face course.

Students are designated as a face-to-face student if they enroll in one face-to-face course.

For online courses to "make," a minimum of 5 solely online students must be enrolled.

There is no limit to the number of courses full time face-to-face students can enroll in each fall intercession and summer session other than a realistic assessment of their own capabilities. For most students one 3-credit hour course is an appropriate academic load for the fall intercession. For most students, two 3-credit hour courses are an appropriate academic load for the summer session.

The day online courses start (or shortly before), students will receive an email from the online instructor reviewing how to access their online course, the location of the Getting Started tutorials, guidelines and resources for addressing any student issues, and the location of the online Help Desk.

Online Instructors: Missouri Valley College online instructors will operate under the policies and procedures as outlined in the Missouri Valley Faculty Handbook with the following additions and/or exceptions:

Online instructors are to use the following chart to identify and resolve issues related to their course.

Issue Organization Person Contact Information
Course Development: Prior to course start date, creating/modifying/organizing course content Learning House James Oudard,
Publishing Specialist
502-589-9878 ext 45 or
Course Management: After course start date, make changes to courses, provides course access and assists instructors in improving their online instruction Learning House

Michael Rayome,
Client Services Specialist

502-589-9878 ext 56 or
Course Technnical Issues: All technical issues should start with Learning House with the exception of username and password issues Learning House

Michael Rayome,
Client Services Specialist

Learning House Instructor Hot Line

502-589-9878 ext 56 or
Access to or Enrollment in Online Training Learning House Emily Lepping,
Training and End User Support
502-589-9878 ext 48 or
Issues with Viking Email, On-Campus Moodle and Username/Password Missouri Valley College Martin Vanderboon,
Coordinator Online Services/Assistant Systems Administrator
660-831-4099 or
Issues not identified above including issues with students, issues resulting from interaction with any of the above, other unidentified Missouri Valley College Mannie Hall
Associate Academic Dean
660-831-4565 or

Online instructors are expected to respond to student email within 24 hours.

Online instructors will arrange their final examinations to be held during finals week and must be taken during that week. Online students should consult the course syllabi for details.

Full time face-to-face faculty can teach online courses only as overload, not as a part of their semester academic load.

Requests by face-to-face faculty interested in teaching online must be approved by the relevant division dean or chair.

Adjunct instructors and full time face-to-face faculty teaching an online course as an overload will receive $600 per online credit hour.

Courses not previously taught online must receive approval from the relevant division chair or dean before being offered.

Instructor applicants for new courses are to be reviewed by the relevant division chair, dean and/or faculty prior to an offer of employment.

Online instructors are required to have a minimum of a Master's degree including 18 graduate hours in the relevant academic dicipline.

All online instructors need to complete Moodle Basic - Orientation Module and pass the associated quiz.

All online courses not taught by a MVC full-time face-to-face faculty, will be reviewed by said full-time face-to-face faculty the first semester the online course is offered.

All online instructors will participate in an online classroom evaluation by the Associate Academic Dean. This will take place one time per semester for new faculty and one time a year for continuing faculty.

Instructors who have taught the MVC online course will be given first preference in teaching said course in subsequent semesters.

Viking Mail, My MoVal and TLH Portal:

Account Student Faculty
Viking Mail
User Name and Password
Coordinator of Online (Martin V 4099) manages this automated process. Every 30 minutes the program scans Campus Anyware for new names. Once identified, a letter (hard copy) and email (if valid) is generated with the username, password and instructions This process requires CAO Admin Secretary (Sharon H 4046) to manually, via email, notify the IT department (Jason R 4088) to create a user name and password. She includes the faculty members current email address. The IT department then manually sends Sharon H, via email, the faculty username and password or alternately the IT department sends it directly to the faculty member.
TLH E Portal
User Name and Password
Same as above Same as above
My Moval
Student/Faculty ID and PIN
Same as above The Registrar generates the Faculty ID and PIN and emails it to the new faculty member.

The TLH Portal can be reached via the main web page, upper right-hand corner - Online Course Access or through the MVC Online - Course Access at

Viking Email can be reached via the main web page, upper right hand corner - Email at

Mid Term and Final Grades are submitted using My Moval - College Faculty at