MVC Online


In an effort to expand Missouri Valley College's mission of guiding students through personal instruction and intellectual inquiry beyond the boundaries of campus, and to meet one of our primary goals of extending access to higher education to students from all education backgrounds with support to achieve success, we welcome you to MVC Extended Campus.

Missouri Valley College's Extended Campus now offers students unable to participate in a traditional college education the opportunity to pursue one through MVC Online and MVC at Wentworth.

"With support" is a critical component to MVC Extended Campus. Students participating in either MVC at Wentworth or MVC Online are provided access to such student services as advising, tutoring, counseling and technical support.

MVC Online offers students the opportunity to fulfill our General Education Core Curriculum completely online.

MVC at Wentworth offers students in western Saline, Lafayette, Ray and other surrounding areas the opportunity to pursue Bachelor of Arts degrees in Middle School Social Studies or Elementary Education through a combination of afternoon, evening and online courses.


MVC Online

MVC at Wentworth