Moodle Help & Support


  • Eligibility and Use
  • Course Requests
  • Course Archival

Eligibility and Use

Anyone who has an active account in the Missouri Valley College directory may access Moodle. Moodle can be used for the following purposes following approval:
  • Academic: An online or blended course
  • Non-academic: Group collaboration, feedback, training, etc.

Course Requests

Course requests may be performed within Moodle with the internal links provided. Certain information is required when requesting a course such as Course Name, Course ID, and Course Description. Course requests must be made by the individual teaching the course. Pending requests are sent to the Moodle administrator and the Moodle course creator. Notification will be sent as soon as the courses are approved or denied.

Course Archival

Once a semester or term is over all completed courses are archived and removed from the active course listings as a part of our ongoing effort to improve server performance and accommodate future growth. If access to these courses is required post-archival please contact the Moodle administrator: