Moodle Help & Support

Using iSpring Free

For this to work, you need iSpring Free on your computer. If this is a campus computer, please contact the IT Department to have them install it for you.
If this is your private computer, use the link below to download the program.

After installing the iSpring Free software open the presentation you wish to convert in PowerPoint. There will be a new tab labeled iSpring Free.

  • Click on the Publish button.
  • In the next window, take the checkmark away for Generate HTML and set the time between slides the way you want it.

ispring screen shot

  • Then Click the Publish Button to create the Flash Presentation.
  • A file will be created with the presentations name and the SWF extension.

Using your Flash Presentation in Moodle

Within your course click on Files. Click on Upload a File and find the Flash Presentation you just created. Upload it into Moodle.

Now, select Add a resource there where you want to use your Flash Presentation and choose Link to a file or website.

Give the resource a name and next click the button Choose or upload a file. Lookup your Flash Presentation and click on the Choose link behind the date and time.

e also want this to open in a new window, so change “Same window” into “New window”.

Hit the Save and return to course button.

You’re done.