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Exam View

If you want to export question banks from Examview to Moodle, you can follow these steps:
Step 1: in Examview

  • Go to Examview and open your question bank
  • Click File > Export > Backboard 5.x
  • Save as a zipped file (it should not matter what you will type for file name or directory)

Step 2: Local Machine

  • Unzip your file locally. It should give you a folder with 2 files: .xml and .dat

Step 3: in Moodle

  • Go to your Moodle site, create a Quiz and add a question category to the question bank, e.g. "Chapter1" (do not publish a category, unless you want to share it with everybody else on Moodle server!)
  • Click Import
  • Select your Chapter1 category
  • Under File Format select Blackboard
  • Browse to the .dat file on your computer
  • Click Upload this file button
  • Select the questions you wish to use for your quiz and move them

**Step 4: Important!

  • If you have questions that contain images please contact the Moodle administrator

You may notice two things, once the questions are imported:

  • Apostrophes will be replaced by tildes: e.g. people's will be "people~s. This can be fixed manually, by clicking Edit icon in Moodle
  • If you will preview an individual question, it will have big bolded title on top. Those titles are visible to the course designers only, and will be hidden in the actual quiz