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EZ Test

If you want to export question banks from EZ Test to Moodle, you can follow these steps:
Step 1: in EZ Test

  • Go to EZ Test and open your test
  • Select the questions you wish to use
  • Click on the Format / Print button
  • Select the Blackboard button
  • Click the “Generate Blackboard”  button, rename the zip file being produced,  and save it.

Step 2: Local Machine

  • Unzip your file locally. It should give you a folder with 2 files: .xml and .dat

Step 3: in Moodle

  • Go to your Moodle site, create a Quiz and add a question category to the question bank, e.g. "Chapter1" (do not publish a category, unless you want to share it with everybody else on Moodle server!)
  • Click Import
  • Select your Chapter1 category
  • Under File Format select Blackboard
  • Browse to the .dat file on your computer
  • Click Upload this file button
  • Select the questions you wish to use for your quiz and move them

**Step 4: Important!

  • If you have questions that contain images please contact the Moodle administrator