Baity Hall

Math & Science Division

Welcome to the Division of Mathematics & Science at Missouri Valley College!

Our division offers degree programs designed to prepare our graduates to successfully compete for exciting job opportunities after graduation or continue their education through graduate school studies.

Our division currently offers degrees in:

  • Biology with 3 concentrations available in Conservation, General Biology, or Pre-Medical/Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Students may also choose to minor in Chemistry.
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Mathematics

Earning a bachelor's degree within the Mathematics and Science Division, offers students the opportunity to prepare for the most in-demand jobs, which include: biologists, conservationists, computer systems analysts, web designers, computer application designers, mathematicians, and teachers. Highly valued workplace environments are field work or lab work in the sciences, government jobs, teaching biology or mathematics in high schools, or working in private and corporate settings.

The faculty in the Mathematics and Science Division bring both real-world experience and academic training to the classroom. We are committed to our students' successful mastery of the concepts used in the fields of biological sciences, chemistry, computer sciences, mathematics, and physical sciences.

For more information, please see the Related Links section on the right side of this web page. Just below the links for major programs are the links to division faculty web pages. If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of the faculty or me.

We invite you to join us in exploring the world through Mathematics and the Sciences!

For more information, please contact
Dr. Katherine Adams
Chair, Division of Math & Science
(660) 831-4224