Murrell Memorial Library Special Events

For more information on any Murrell Memorial Library event, please contact Special Events Coordinator, Jae Steinkuhler at (660) 831-4181 or .






07 February 2016Super Bowl on the BIG screen. Free Popcorn! Starts @ 5pmReading Room
09 February 2016Celebrate Mardi Gras with Beignets and Chicory CoffeeStarts @ 10amMurrell Library Lobby
10 February 2016Make-Your-Own Valentine Feb. 10-14We will provide free suppliesReading Room
28 February 2016Oscars on the BIG screen. Free Popcorn! Starts @ 6pmReading Room
04 March 2016Anne Frank: A History for Today exhibit. A definitive exhibit for the complete life and history of Anne and her family. March 4, 2016 through April 15, 2016Reading Room
05 April 2016Holocaust Speaker Peter Loth Starts @ 7pmMurrell Library
06 April 2016Visiting Writers' Series: Chun Ye.Starts @ 7pm Reading Room

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