Murrell Memorial Library

How is the Library Arranged?

There are two buildings that house the entire collection of Missouri Valley College’s library materials. The Main Library is located in the Murrell Memorial Library building and the Murrell Library Commons is located in the Tech Center building.


This building houses library collections that include art, business and economics, English, humanities, psychology, science and mathematics, and the social sciences.

FIRST FLOOR, Main Library Map

This floor is the "social" area. Plan to work or study in groups on this floor. This is where you’ll find the Circulation/Reserve desk, the Reading Room, the Computer Research Lab, and the “Coffee By The Book” Room. Coffee, tea, and cocoa are available for a small fee, as well as a variety of snacks.

Online Catalog & eBook Collection—Computers for searching Quest (the online catalog), the eBook collection, and the library’s electronic databases are available throughout the building. The Circulation Desk area also has a computer for public use in searching the online catalog. The online catalog can be accessed from any computer with Internet access.

Main Library Computer Research Lab—the lab is on the first floor and is available for students to write papers, conduct academic-related Internet searches, access the library’s online databases, or check student e-mail accounts.

SECOND FLOOR, Main Library Map

This floor is the "Quiet Zone." This is where you’ll find the Library’s book collection, theArt 'Cove, the Career Center, microform files, and the Ashford Room. Several computers are set up in the central area of the second floor for students to access Quest, ’s online catalog.


The Murrell Library Commons is located on the first floor of the Tech Center. The Commons contains books and periodicals such as instructional materials, teaching manipulatives, videos, juvenile books, periodicals, and books covering topics in Education.  Computers are available throughout the Commons