Murrell Memorial Library

Student Check-out Periods

  • Books- 4 weeks
  • Non-current Periodicals - 1 week
  • Murrell Library Commons Periodicals- 1 week
  • Videos NOT on reserve - 1 week
  • IPads- 1 week  
  • Kindle e-reader- 4 weeks

Faculty Check-out Periods

  • Books - 4 weeks
  • Non-current Periodicals - 1 week
  • Videos NOT on reserve - 1 week
  • IPads- 1 week
  • Kindle e-reader- 4 weeks

Items that may NOT be checked out of the library:

  • Current issue periodicals (except Murrell Library Commons Periodicals)
  • Newspapers
  • Reference books
  • 2-hour strict reserve materials
  • Community members may not check out videos or Curriculum materials.

Renewal Of Items

Library items that you have already checked out may be renewed in one of three ways:

Telephone Renewal: Items may be renewed only one time by telephone; phone the library office staff (660-831-4180).

In Person Renewal: Come into the Library for staff assistance with renewing items.

Online Renewal: Go to and select "View My Account."

When the first screen of the Quest catalog appears, click on the link for Missouri Valley College. On the MVC Quest page, scroll down below the search option fields and, under the "Other Options" heading, you will see a link labeled "View Your Library Account". Click on this link and follow the prompts to renew some or all of your checked out items.

Overdue materials may NOT be renewed online. Please pay fines in the Main Library.


During open hours, Library materials may be returned to either the Main Library office or the Murrell Library Commons office.

Interlibrary Loan books are to be returned to the Main Library Office.

When the Library is closed, please return books by depositing them in the Library Book Drop container which is located at the end of the sidewalk facing College Street outside the Main Library.


Any overdue materials (including 2-hour Reserve items) will cost the patron 25 cents per day, per item. Please return overdue books and pay fines in the Main Library office.

The library staff is more interested in having materials returned than in charging fines. However, if you do not respond to overdue notices by returning overdue Library materials and paying fines, your borrowing privileges may be suspended and your student ID pulled.

If an item is lost, you must pay the cost of the lost item. The Business Office will be notified of outstanding obligations, and no college transcripts, grades or diplomas will be issued until the obligations are met.

Please talk to a Librarian about search options and requesting Interlibrary Loan materials. Also refer to the topic heading of Interlibrary Loan (ILL).


Student-Use Copy Machine Locations:

Photocopy machines are available in the Main Library and the Murrell Library Commons. Copies cost 10 cents per page (20 cents for double-sided copies). Change to make copies is available at the Information Desk.

Main Library: The copy machine is located in the main lobby across from the Information Desk.

Murrell Library Commons: The copy machine is located next to the Information Desk.

MICROFICHE/MICROFILM READER/ PRINTER The microform reader/printer machine is located on the second floor of the Main Library and has a built-in printer. Copies made from microfiche and microfilm are free.


Two-Hour Reserve VIDEOS: The Main Library has a TV-VCR located in the upstairs John Ashford Room to view the 2-hour Reserve Videos. Request the Reserve Video you want to watch at the Main Library Information Desk using the Call Number from the online catalog. The assistant at the desk will help you. You will need your Student ID to check out a video, headset, and remote.

Non-Reserve VIDEOS:
The Main Library and the Murrell Library Commons have Documentary Videos available for one-week check-out. Use the Call Number from the online catalog to request a video at the Information Desk. Popular entertainment videos are located in the Main Library and a maximum of 2 may be checked out for 1 week.

Library Do's and Don'ts:


  • Seek designated “quiet areas” when needed.
  • Conduct group discussions on the first floor.
  • Come to the Library prepared with pen, pencil, paper, student ID, money for the photocopies, etc….
  • Be respectful of others.
  • Never hesitate to ask for assistance.
  • Dress appropriately ( according to common community standards) including shirts and shoes.

Do Not

  • Bring food or drink into the Computer Labs.
  • Be loud, rude or disruptive in the Computer Labs or Library.
  • Have cell phone conversations in the Computer Labs or quiet areas of the libraries.
  • Smoke, or use tobacco products.
  • Re-shelve books or periodicals.
  • Leave possessions and/or textbooks unattended.
  • Vandalize Library materials or equipment.
  • Plan on changing bills larger than one dollar.