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What is an interlibrary loan?

The Interlibrary Loan Program (ILL) is an extension of the reference service offered at MVC, which provides materials not owned by MVC for purposes of research and serious study. Murrell Memorial Library borrows these materials on your behalf from other libraries.

How do I use ILL?

First check the online catalog or the List of Full Text Journals located on the library’s website to be sure that the material is not owned by MVC. Copies of materials owned by MVC may not be obtained from another library. If books are not owned by MVC, check the online Quest catalog to search all four Quest libraries at once (UCM, CMU, MVC, and State Fair). If the books you need are not in the MVC or Quest catalog go one step further and try the MOBIUS online catalog. Only faculty may request videos and only from Quest libraries. These three catalogs (MVC, Quest, and MOBIUS) are available on the same website ( and cover most of the large libraries in Missouri. The Quest and MOBIUS catalog links are shown on the top, left-hand side of the MVC catalog. Click on either name to activate the catalog. Books listed in these three catalogs (except those listed as “library use only”) may be requested directly via the online catalog by clicking the “request” button. If you feel uncomfortable doing this, ask library staff for help.

All books not found in the three catalogs mentioned above, or articles in periodicals not owned by Murrell Memorial Library, must be ordered through the traditional interlibrary loan system.

  • Online ILL forms for books and journal articles are available on the Library’s web site; the forms may be filled out and submitted online to library staff. Some of the online periodical databases have built-in request forms located under the journal citations.
  • If you prefer to use a print version of the ILL form, you may either print out a copy of the online form and fill it out, or ask for printed ILL forms in the Library office or at the Information desk.
  • Return the printed ILL form(s), filled out as completely as possible, to the librarian. For periodical requests completed on a print form, attach a copy of the printout from the database that you searched.

Who may use ILL?

Any member of MVC community may use ILL--faculty, staff, and students.

How long will it take?

If the material requested is available from a MOBIUS or Quest Library, it will usually be here within 4-5 days. Remember that the more advance notice we have to locate and request an item, the more likely it is that we will be able to supply the materials on time.

How much will it cost?

There is usually no charge for materials obtained through our networks. Every effort is made to borrow materials from libraries that do not charge fees or with whom we have reciprocal borrowing agreements. However, some libraries may charge fees for lending or photocopying materials. You will be notified of any fees before the material is ordered. Any charges must be paid at the time you pick up the items.

Effects of Copyright on ILL

Murrell Memorial Library’s ability to request photocopies of journal articles is restricted by the US Copyright Law (17 U.S.C.). In any calendar year a library may not borrow more than five articles published within the preceding five years from one journal title without paying copyright clearance on that article. Articles published more than five years ago are not currently restricted.

For more information contact the Library at (660) 831-4187 or (660) 831-4180.