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What can you do with a degree in English?

About one-third of English majors go into education in one form or another. Graduate education can be sought in English, library science, law and in some cases, medicine. Many English majors go into business, where their communication skills are in demand for contract or grant writing, sales and marketing, technical writing, management training and administrative tasks such as record keeping and office management.

The focus of the English curriculum at Missouri Valley College is twofold. In the first place, it is based on the historical study of literature, placing the works of great authors in their historical contexts. In the second, it is a flexible plan, wherein students choose courses from a wise array of options, allowing them to create programs of study that reflect their personal and unique interests.

The Program of Study (42 hours)
Minor requirements: EN 220, EN 225, EN 230, EN 235, EN 326;1 of EN 371, EN 372, EN 381, EN 383, EN 380, EN 385 or EN 391;1 of EN 425, EN 429, EN 431.
(Total 21 hours)

English Major Core (required):

  • EN 220 Survey of American Literature I
  • EN 225 Survey of American Literature II
  • EN 230 Survey of British Literature I
  • EN 235 Survey of British Literature II
  • EN 326 Advanced Techniques of Composition
  • EN 350 Modern Grammar
  • EN 360 Survey of Linguistics
  • EN 345 Literary Criticism
  • EN 485 Senior Thesis - Students may write a substantive research paper on literary topic, or they may write a collection of poems, a collection of short stories, a drama, a screenplay, or a novella.

Period Courses (choose three):

  • EN 372 Medieval and Renaissance Literature
  • EN 381 Milton and the Age of Reason
  • EN 371 Nineteenth-Century British Literature
  • EN 383 American Romantic Literature
  • EN 385 American Realism and Naturalism
  • EN 380 Ethnic American Literature
  • EN 391 Twentieth and Twenty-first Century Literature

Tools of Writing and Research:

  • English majors (choose one)
  • EN 310 Film Criticism and American Culture
  • EN 327 Technical and Professional Writing (required for English Education majors)
  • EN 400 Creative Writing

Major Figures (choose one):

  • EN 425 Chaucer
  • EN 429 Shakespeare
  • EN 431 Major American Author(s)