Athletic Training Student Organization


The major is no longer available to new students. The program continues to be accredited by the CAATE.

Students already accepted to the professional portion of the major will follow their catalog of entrance. Transfer students accepted in spring 2017 will follow the 2016-2017 catalog.

Prospective students please consider majoring in either exercise science or biology (pre-med emphasis) at Missouri Valley College as either can prepare you for a career as an athletic trainer:

Exercise Science which is recognized by the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Biology (pre-med emphasis) which is intended for students preparing for graduate level medical programs.

Mission Statement

We, the Missouri Valley College Athletic Training Students' Organization, in order to create a greater sense of responsibility and respectability, strive for a better student-faculty relationship and unification of the athletic training student body and representation of its ideas. To foster advancement of the role of the athletic trainer in students, as well as knowledge, professional and personal qualities, leadership, loyalty, and promoting the wellbeing of the individual through activities, do establish this constitution.

Leadership Council (2016-2017)

Goals for 2016-2017

  • 1. Implement an incentive-based program where ATSO members must attend at least 75% of ATSO meetings and participate in at least 2 volunteer/club activities per semester to receive the reward.
  • 2. Communicate with prospective freshman (observation students) about developing their interest and involvement in ATSO, the Missouri Valley College program, and athletic training profession through study and the incentive program.
  • 3. Maintain the ATSO budget through fundraising and grant opportunities providing for ourselves in our chosen endeavors.
  • 4. Have a membership base of 3 non-current athletic training students and 100% membership from all current athletic training students.

Constitution and By-Laws