Student Affairs

In accordance with the College's philosophy and mission, students are urged to conduct themselves in a manner that demonstrates their acceptance of these goals and purposes in their daily lives on campus. Student behavior should exemplify the values of self-discovery and self-respect.

Responsible members of the Missouri Valley College community demonstrate respect for self, others and the institution by:

  • exhibiting personal qualities of honesty, fairness, integrity, and accountability;
  • developing interpersonal relationships that enhance the quality of life on the campus and treating other persons with respect and dignity;
  • relating to others in a manner that assures their physical safety, emotional health, and psychological well-being;
  • abstaining from any form of intimidation and harassment that causes fear, threat or discomfort on the part of others;
  • respecting the rights of students and staff to reasonable quiet in the residence halls, classrooms, library and laboratories;
  • respecting the physical property of the College and other students;
  • striving to enhance the physical and mental health of all persons by not using, possessing or providing others with alcohol or illegal drugs and chemicals or other substances;
  • abiding by all policies of the College and fulfilling all contractual agreements with the College;
  • abiding by the laws of the city, county, state and nation.

Students whose behavior does not conform to these standards may be referred to a College staff member for a personal inventory, self-evaluation, counseling, and advice. Disciplinary action will be taken if warranted. Complete campus-life policies are contained in the current Graduate Student Handbook.

Student Code Of Conduct

It shall be the responsibility of every student enrolled at Missouri Valley College to support the academic integrity of the institution. This applies to personal honesty in all aspects of collegiate work, all student records and all contacts with faculty and staff. Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated.

It shall also be the responsibility of every student enrolled at Missouri Valley College to be respectful of the right of other students, staff and instructors to a safe, peaceful atmosphere conducive to the educational goals of an institution of higher learning. Rude or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.

Student actions that do not adhere to the MVC Student Code of Conduct will be addressed according to College policies regarding academic dishonesty and disruptive behavior. Students who exhibit dishonest, disruptive, or disrespectful behavior in any setting where Missouri Valley College is officially represented, risk suspension or expulsion from the institution.