Master of Arts in Community Counseling

Record Keeping

Students are required to keep records of practicum/internship work and to submit documentation of their work at the end of each term to the faculty supervisor according to the established time frame set in the group supervision course. Failure to submit properly completed documents in a timely fashion may result in loss of practicum/internship credit for the term or in a grade reduction.

The faculty supervisor is the professor assigned to teach the Practicum/Internship Course. The faculty supervisor will oversee the student during the practicum/internship experience.Please see Responsibilities of the Licensed Faculty Supervisor (above) for further information. The Practicum Coordinator will work with the student prior to practicum/internship placement to ensure that the student has met the qualifications to begin the experiential experience. Please see Responsibilities of the Practicum Coordinator (above) for further information.

Video and Audio Taping

Students are required to audio or videotape at least one counseling session in each of their practicum and internship experiences, pending the policies of each individual site and compliance with Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). These tapes are used for training and evaluation purposes. It is the studentís responsibility to obtain permission to tape any counseling sessions from his or her on-site supervisor and the client. In addition, the Clientís Consent Form must be completed for each individual client (Appendix D). Students will be required to process one of these tapes per term in group supervision and individually at the discretion of their group supervisor. If audiotape or videotape is not allowed at the practicum site, the student must notify the Practicum Coordinator prior to the start of the term. Under such circumstances, the Practicum Coordinator must directly observe the student on-site or develop an alternate plan.

Evaluation of Sites and On-site Supervisors

Practicum and internship sites and supervisors will be evaluated once each year (see Appendix E). Continuing as an approved site supervisor is subject to continued compliance with MACC requirements for practicum/internship, continued ethical and professional conduct, continued support to the professional philosophy of the program, and favorable student evaluations. The site evaluation will be composed of a formal student evaluation and information gained from the site visits. Following the evaluation, the Practicum Coordinator after consulting the Program Director may reassess the approval status of sites and supervisors.