Master of Arts in Community Counseling


The internship is a supervised experience in Community Counseling and is the most important and comprehensive professional experience for graduate students in counseling. Designed to allow application of skills and knowledge gained in a supervised setting, the internship is comparable to a professional work experience. The student is required to remain at the internship site for a minimum of one semester. Prerequisites for Internship courses are the following:

  • Completion of the Practicum (CN521) with a grade of A or B.
  • Approval of an internship site by the Practicum Coordinator.
  • A written contract between Missouri Valley College, the internship site, and the student (Appendix C).

Internship Objectives

  • To provide opportunity for practicing competencies developed throughout the graduate training program.
  • To acquaint the student with organizational structure, protocol, relationships, processes, and working conditions at the internship site.
  • To encourage the formation of and identification with the role of the professional counselor.
  • To provide an awareness of the process of community organization to meet the needs of the client.
  • To instill high standards of professional ethics and provide experience in actual interpersonal relationships involving ethical decisions.
  • To provide experiences with the everyday realities of agencies or institutional employment and introduce the student to the challenges of maintaining a regular counseling schedule.

Internship Requirements

To provide experiences with the everyday realities of agencies or institutional employment and introduce the student to the challenges of maintaining a regular counseling schedule.

  • To spend a minimum of 300-clock hours (per 3 credit-hour internship experience ).
  • To have aminimum of 120 total direct or face-to-face direct service hours on-site.
  • To have at least 1 hour per week of individual supervision with an on-site supervisor. Triadic supervision may be substituted for individual supervision only in an emergency.
  • To have 1.5 hours of group supervision per week with a licensed faculty supervisor. Any student who misses two group supervision classes will receive an incomplete grade and be required to complete additional internship work the following term in order to receive credit.
  • To fulfill all obligations with the internship site.
  • Internship requirements are normally completed at the same site for two consecutive semesters when a student chooses to take an additional semester of internship.
  • To purchase liability insurance while completing internship.
  • To adhere to all policies of Missouri Valley College and those of the on-site internship placement.
  • To develop counseling skills by keeping records, recording sessions, and critiquing sessions.
  • To seek opportunities to develop skills in each of the following areas:
  Individual counseling
  Group counseling
  Record keeping and accountability
  Professional development
  Program development
  Note: If the studentís internship placement does not afford the direct opportunity for any one of the above activities, the student is expected to consult with the faculty supervisor concerning alternative means to develop the needed skills.

  • The student will keep logs of all internship activities (Appendix G).
  • The student is expected to share their logs with their on-site supervisor regularly for comments and suggestions. The logs will be submitted to and evaluated by the licensed faculty supervisor at the end of the semester.
  • The student is required to complete all assigned readings.

By the end of the one semester of internship, the student is expected to demonstrate theoretical competency in advanced skills as outlined above.

Documentation of Internship Hours

For the purpose of student organization, the Practicum/Internship Record Checklist must be turned in with appropriate materials at the end of each semester (Appendix F).

Internship hours should be recorded in the student's log (Appendix G).

On-site supervision hours should be recorded in the Record of Individual Supervision Hours Log (Appendix H).

At the end of each internship semester, the Practicum/Internship Verification form should be completed by the on-site supervisor (Appendix I).

Distribution of internship hours - Students will spend at least one semester in internship. Each semester students should record the following hours:

  • a. Direct service: Client contact (providing or observing therapy, providing or observing assessments, and providing or observing other direct patient-care tasks): MINIMUM of 120 hours per semester.
  • b. Individual supervision with on-site supervisor: 1 hour/week: MINIMUM of 15 hours per semester in Fall and Spring terms and 12 hours in the Summer term.
  • c. Group supervision with faculty supervisor:
    1.5 hours per week: MINIMUM of 22.5 hours per semester in Fall and Spring terms and 18 hours in the Summer term.
  • d. Additional hours in staff meetings, case presentations, in-service training, documentation, and transcription and analysis of audio or video tapes or other activities approved in advance by students' supervisors: MINIMUM of 142.5 hours

Total Minimum Hours Per Semester: 300*

*Note: If a student does not meet the minimum number of hours within a semester, an incomplete grade will be recorded, and the student must complete the remaining hours within the next semester. Students will be allowed to enroll in Intership II only after satisfactorily completing Internship I.