Master of Arts in Community Counseling


All students are required to obtain at least a B in every practicum/internship course (CN 521-Practicum, CN 522 Internship I, CN 523 Internship II) or the course must be repeated. Practicum must be successfully completed before enrolling in Internship I, and Internship I must be completed before enrolling in Internship II.

The on-site supervisor will submit a written appraisal of the student counselor at mid-term and at the end of each term (see Student Evaluation Form, Appendix A). Recommendations for course grades and credit will be provided by the on-site supervisor after the completion of the experience. The licensed faculty supervisor will make the final decision regarding course grades.

The on-site supervisor will rate the student on the following, each domain being worth five points:

  • Attendance
  • Professional and ethical conduct
  • Participation in supervision
  • Timely submission of required documentation