Master of Arts in Community Counseling

Practicum and Internship Enrollment

Given that there is limited enrollment in practicum and internships, students are required to notify the Practicum Coordinator at least ONE SEMESTER PRIOR to the term in which the course is to be taken. The student contacts the Practicum Coordinator to verify that all prerequisites have been completed. All counseling practicum placements must be approved by the Practicum Coordinator before students begin any fieldwork. Site selection is determined by each studentís professional goals, past experience, and level of expertise. A current listing of approved practicum and internship sites is available from the Practicum Coordinator.

Agencies are not required to accept students for practicum or internship experiences. Therefore, the counseling program cannot guarantee that an agency will accept students. However, Missouri Valley College and the program have well-established working relationships with local agencies. It is increasingly common that agencies require students to be interviewed. Many agencies accept applicants for practicum and internship on a selective and competitive basis. Students should prepare for these interviews in the same way they would prepare for job interviews. If a student chooses to engage in a practicum/internship at a site not previously used for a practicum or internship by Missouri Valley College counseling students, the student (after receiving permission from the Practicum Coordinator) will arrange for a meeting between the prospective on-site supervisor and the Practicum Coordinator to determine the appropriateness of the placement.

After the student has been offered a placement by an agency, the student must develop and submit a proposal to the Practicum Coordinator (Appendix B). The proposal will provide information about the agency and the studentís on-site supervisor. It will include a description of the activities that are to be part of the practicum/internship experiences, as well as a statement of student learning goals for the practicum/internship. The proposal must be approved and signed by the Practicum Coordinator before the student begins any practicum/internship work. The practicum/internship site agreement must also be completed by the on-site supervisor prior to the student beginning any practicum/internship work (Appendix C).

Expectations regarding practicum and internship hours are described below. If a student does not meet the minimum number of practicum/internship hours within a semester, an incomplete grade will be recorded and the student must successfully complete the remaining hours before registering for Internship I or Internship II. Under such circumstances, late enrollment will be allowed for Internship I or Internship II up to the deadline identified in the Academic Calendar.