Master of Arts in Community Counseling

Practicum and Internship in Conjunction with Current Employment

Students are not permitted to complete the counseling practicum at their place of employment unless, in unique circumstances, an organization has multiple office locations where an intern can be employed in one office location and complete a practicum/internship in an alternative office setting. It is important for practicum students and interns to be perceived by training organizations as individuals in training rather than employees in order to avoid situations where the status of student and employee does not create a dual or exploitative relationship. The roles and responsibilities of trainee and employee must be clearly differentiated. In those circumstances where a practicum student or intern completes training at a place of employment, students must be supervised by someone other than an employment supervisor. The possibility of doing the practicum at a designated place of employment must be approved by the Practicum Coordinator as well as the studentís place of employment. Students are expected to act in a professional manner and abide by all the ethical principles of the American Counseling Association (ACA).

Payment for Student Counseling Services

Practicum/internship sites are permitted to bill a nominal fee for student counseling services, but students are not allowed to receive these funds.