Program Curriculum

Course Sequence

The MACC program has five foundational courses which are required prior to taking the qualifying examinations and being enrolled in a practicum.

The five foundational courses are:

  • CN 501 Counseling Theory
  • CN 502 Ethics and Professional Orientation
  • CN 503 Relationship Dynamics
  • CN 504 Human Lifespan Development
  • CN 505 Appraisal of the Individual

The classes are structured so that a student may complete the program in approximately two years. Each class is taught one night per week for the entirety of the semester. For an example schedule, refer to the Program Cycle Overview (Appendix C). It is also important to note that classes taken more than seven years previously will not be computed in the requirements for graduation, so students need to complete their program in seven or fewer years.

Classes will be offered during the evening hours in order to accommodate the busy schedules of working adults. Classes will be conducted from either 5:00 p.m. until 7:15 or 7:30 until 9:45 p.m. Business and academic affairs should be taken care of outside of scheduled class time.

MACC Courses

Click the link above for a description of each course. For a complete list of the MACC courses offered each semester, refer to the sequence in the Program Cycle Overview (Appendix C). Students may elect to take some courses out of the recommended sequence, but this may influence when they can begin a practicum.

Experiential Requirements: Practicum & Intership Courses

Supervised clinical experience will be obtained through CN521 (Practicum I) and CN 522-523 (Internship I & II). In order to be eligible for the practicum class (CN 521) a student must:

  • · Successfully complete all five foundational courses and an additional 15 credit-hours
  • · Successfully complete the Candidacy process
  • · Pass both portions of the qualifying examinations
  • · Submit a formal practicum proposal to the Practicum Coordinator prior to registration for the practicum
  • · Submit proof of liability insurance to the Practicum Coordinator
  • · Complete and submit the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Family Care Safety Registry Worker Registration and a copy of his or her United States Social Security Card to the Practicum Coordinator. Costs are the responsibility of the student

CN 521 must be successfully completed before a student is enrolled in internship courses (CN522 -523). For more information regarding the practicum and internships, refer to the Practicum Handbook.