Capstone Project


During the last term of internship, students are required to complete a Capstone Project. This project gives students the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge gained from academic as well as experiential learning.

For the Capstone Project the student chooses a clinical case encountered while completing an internship and constructs a review (at least 10 pages long, following APA style) of literature pertaining to the selected case. The review of the literature should focus on specific areas of psychopathology, treatment interventions, or an alternative clinically relevant topic directly related to the case.

The student will be required to present the clinical case to the faculty of the MACC program. Students are expected to demonstrate an integration of learning in various areas including psychopathology, counseling theory, and appraisal. Studentsí written and oral skills will be evaluated. Students can receive three possible determinations of performance from the presentation:

  • 1. Pass
  • 2. Not Pass, or
  • 3. Pass with Recommendations

In the event a student does not pass, he or she can submit a request for a second attempt within two weeks. Students are subject to withdrawal from the program if they fail to pass the Capstone Project on the third attempt. If a student passes with recommendations, he or she may re-present the Capstone Project within two weeks. Students must schedule their Capstone Project presentation during the first week of the second internship to ensure timely graduation.