Petition for Candidacy

The Candidacy process is one of several points of evaluation designed to assess a studentís readiness to continue in the program. Aside from evaluating academic performance, the Candidacy process seeks to identify any concerns with personal or professional development and conduct that needs to be addressed. Following the completion of at least twelve credit hours, students must petition for candidacy status by completing the Petition for Candidacy Form. Each student must submit a Candidacy Portfolio which includes:

  • 1. Petition Form that requires the signature from two program faculty (See Petition Form, Appendix B.); and
  • 2. 2. Candidacy Essay, in which the candidate discusses his or her career goals and how becoming a professional counselor has been impacted by the graduate program thus far (Please see the Petition for Candidacy Form for additional details.).

The Candidacy Portfolio is then presented to the Program Director and reviewed by the Candidacy Review Committee (three faculty members of the MACC program). Although the Petition Form requires two MACC faculty signatures, it should be noted that any faculty may file a concern regarding a student and such a concern will be considered by the Candidacy Review Committee.

Written notification of their status will be given to students within 30 days, specifying recommendations for either remediation or continued advancement through the program. Under no circumstances will a student be permitted to start the practicum until candidacy has been achieved; therefore, students are encouraged to apply for candidacy either following the completion of twelve credit hours or the term prior to the anticipated start date of practicum enrollment (Please also review the other requirements which must be met prior to beginning a practicum.). Dates for the submission of Candidacy materials will be announced by the program.