Prospective Students

How is Missouri Valley College Theatre different from other theatre programs?

  • Our degree program is designed to adapt and change when you do. The flexible options guide your education in the direction that is right for you. If you change your theatre focus, your degree path will change with you without having to start over again.
  • We offer an Improv class every semester and present long form Improv shows by The Flatliners to audiences on a regular basis. Improv at Valley is a faculty taught class and faculty led activity.
  • We want you to explore all of the arts, not just theatre. You can sing in a choir, perform with Repertory Dance, or take Art classes. We will never restrict your desires to explore other performance opportunities.
  • You can perform your first semester on campus. You do not have to watch while seniors or graduate students take to the stage
  • You are permitted to participate in all aspects of theatre. We will not restrict your theatre studies, but rather encourage you to explore theatre as a whole.
  • Individual attention, small class sizes, and close interaction with the faculty will help nurture your growth as an artist.
  • You will receive valuable feedback from working professionals each year through our annual juries.