At Missouri Valley College Long Form Improvisation is a key element of our training. We are the ONLY college in Missouri to augment traditional training methods with intense training in improvisation by offering two repeatable Improv classes every semester. This creates artists who are more flexible and ready to meet the demands of today's performing arts industry.

The central tenant to improv is "Yes, and . . ." This is the philosophy that we accept whatever we are given, and we use it to build something positive. When an actor works in the "Yes, and . . ." mode, there are no mistakes, only opportunities to discover, learn, and grow. Learning to embody this way of thinking and working is not only invaluable for artists, it is a highly sought skill in the business community.

In addition to improv training, we provide numerous performance opportunities for our students. Our premier troupe, The MVC Flatliners, perform on campus every other week, compete in the College Improv Tournament, and tour through the state of Missouri with performances and workshops. Our beginning troupe, The Deadpans, work on developing improv techniques and have opportunities to perform on campus.

Learn more about Long Form Improv, read our booklet "Yes, And..."

To book The Flatliners at your next event or to learn more, please contact Harold Hynick.