For High School Directors

The faculty at Missouri Valley College are not only here to help students, we're here to help the high school directors as well.

Workshops at Your School
While we love to have students visit us, we will come out to visit you as well. We offer several workshops and assistance and all are free.

If you don't see a workshop that you would like to have, don't hesitate to ask. Please contact at 660-831-4140 to help schedule a workshop. We will travel within the state of Missouri and parts of Kansas and Iowa.

We offer the following performance workshops for your students at your school:

  • Stage Combat
    Discovery and Attack: finding the Beats in Action
    The Keys to Unlocking Shakespeare
    Introduction to Improvisation
    Improvisation: Mastering the 5-step scene
    Short Cuts to Long Form Improvisation
    Bold Choice's: Using character comlications to simplify your work as an actor
    The Use of Laban's Effort Shapes in Character Physicality
    Michael Chekhov's Psychological Gesture and Character Development
    Theatre of the Oppressed: An exploration of the techniques of Augusto Boal
    Yoga for the Theatre
    Strasberg Warm-up (need a chair for each participant)
    Character scene work
    Meisner technique
    Playing action-objective
We also offer the following design technical workshops at your shcool:
  • Building Lightweight and Portable Platforms for Any Size
    Color of Light and the Effects on Color of Costumes
    Fabric Choices for Character and Time Period
    Running the live sound mix so it sounds more natural
    Setting the right gain structure of your sound system so you NEVER get feedback
We even offer the following workshops for Dance:
  • Dance for Musical Theatre
    Dance Improvisation
    How to feel comfortable dancing on stage
    Specific dance styles (Ballet, Modern, Tap, Jazz)

Help with Your Productions
We are more than willing to help with your productions as well as provide workshops. We will be more than happy to consult with you about anything from blocking and performance issues as well as technical troubles. If you would simply like for one of us to come out and respond to your show, we will be more than happy to do so.

Continuing Education
During the academic year of 2010-11 we are exploring the options of offering a series of continuing education workshops on the Missouri Valley College campus. These summer sessions will be a day long, or longer, and include mostly design and technical theatre topics. We know that in order to get the BSED degree you really donít get all the theatre classes you need. Therefore we are planning to put together something to help you grow your design and tech skills. If you would like more information about these summer sessions please contact .